Online Medical Advice is Becoming Very Popular

Privacy is probably the most important reason people want online medical advice. That, and being able to visit with a physician and ask for answers to questions that their own physician hasn’t answered. Many people make an appointment with their doctor who talks to them for less than five minutes, types some information into a computer and says, “I’ll see you in four months.” The days of fast paced physicians with little or no bedside manner are quickly going by the wayside. The doctors who offer the medical advice to patients online have had their credentials checked very carefully. The benefits of this type of online clinic are threefold.

1. This is excellent for the patient who feels terrible or is very private about receiving medical advice for their personal health care. If they would like to, they can initiate a video chat. Now the patient can find an online doctor who will take time with them online or later, at the physician’s office.

2. A doctor can become quite well known and gain a very good online reputation. This is also a great way to have patients from 50+ countries call for medical advice. The physician can earn quite a bit more money when patients call in and are given advice online, plus many patients will want to see the doctor at his local office. This gives the physician an entirely new base of patients to treat.

3. This is an exceptional and very beneficial way for highly respected hospitals to reach out to patients and physicians. Some hospitals have specific areas they are known for, and can promote online, such as cancer health care or women’s health care.

Even though the world is much more crowded, patients are becoming extremely educated and want direct answers to direct questions. This type of patient wants to consult with a doctor through a tele-health service or by online video consultation. Deciding to have an Online Doctor Consultation gives the patient many options. If the doctor is close by, direct appointments can be made after a rapport has been built and patients have gotten information and questions answered. You don’t have to wait in a waiting room with sick patients when you have your consultation. Being treated privately is one of the most important aspects of this type of health care and is beneficial to all involved.

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