Online healthcare as a boon to travelers and expats - Series 1

Being a foreigner in a country is exciting as well as thrilling. But one of the perils of being in a foreign country is ‘the under standing of healthcare procedures’. Being an expat, it would be difficult to adapt to the environment.

Health especially being the most important thing for anyone cannot be compromised. There are lot of companies offering expat insurance but they cover a specific set of specialities like psychiatry, physiotherapy and dentistry. Also one can go to only a particular hospital. with all its expertise and knowledge in curing more than 15000 health issues of expats alone have understood the exact requirement of an expat. The doctors at Icliniq know to suggest the OTC drugs in the foreign country where one travels or resides. Our experts are very well trained to guide with the healthcare processes in different countries in case a physical intervention is needed. They suggest the exact doctors to meet and speak to.

There are 7000 expats who trust and use it as their health wellness partner. We suggest you to use it too. :)

In the next series of blogs we will talk about how various expats have benefited and you could get ideas to using icliniq in those ways. Of course we never reveal the identity of anyone using icliniq as privacy and secrecy is our utmost virtue.

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