Online doctor consultation helps get better outcomes from your regular doctor

We always thought that only 60 percent of health issues can be solved by an online doctor. But we were in for a sweet surprise recently after looking through our analytics. Yes. The other 40 percent of health issues which we thought can be solved only by physical visits to a regular doctor had BETTER outcomes after one spoke to an online doctor.

In fact we used to tell few eager users who wish to talk to an online doctor to go and meet a regular doctor. But they would insist on talking to an online doctor. We had agreed reluctantly but ALL of them reported that they did have to meet a regular doctor (after talking to an online doctor) BUT the outcome was much better. We actually thought since they insisted on talking to an online doctor, they are giving a biased opinion .

We were anyway keen on finding out and so conducted a small experiment by giving free consultations to some users to talk to an online doctor on icliniq and then go meet a regular doctor. And guess what? They had better outcomes from their regular visits. They said they were very clear with what has to be spoken to the doctor. In short, they had a perspective before they had their physical visit. The thought that since they got free consultations on icliniq, they are speaking positively about us arose. BUT WE REPEATED the same with users who paid for an online doctor and even they said that they have better outcomes. :)

What do these users mean by better outcomes? Well. We wanted to learn it too. So we spoke to one user by name Anil Gupta and he told this. “I slipped in the bathroom and hurt my knee. I thought I had a fracture. I visited and asked for a consultation (This happened in Dubai as I was on a trip there. I did not have an insurance too) and surprisingly, your support staff told me that its ideal I visit a regular doctor and he told me not to pay for a consultation as that could be a waste of money. I was actually amused with the honesty of icliniq support staff. But I insisted that I do an online doctor consultation with an Orthopedician on icliniq. I booked a consultation and Dr. Mohan Krishna attended to me. He did a video consultation with me and he asked me to do certain movements and observed me. He then said that I have a ligament tear and that the swelling was temporary and that I can have my treatment in India. He just asked me not to strain the knee, apply ice frequently and restrict certain movements. And when I asked him what is the ligament that tore, he said I seemed to have an ACL injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury). After returning to India, I visited my regular doctor. He did an MRI scan and said that I have an ACL injury Grade 1. I was TOTALLY STUNNED by the online doctor consultation at icliniq. I SAVED a lot of money from spending in Dubai unnecessarily. And guys please understand that you guys can be a pre-consultation option too :). ”

Yes. Anil has coined the term pre-consultation. This is just one of the cases. We are really happy to know that better outcomes are possible by meeting an online doctor. Also all online doctors at icliniq are trained to tele-health savvy. They ask the right questions. And this we feel is reflecting with better outcomes for our users.

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