Online consultation convenient for patients

Online consultation convenient for patients

Is Online consultation convenient to the patients?

It could be believed that convenience and care might not go hand-in-hand. Especially in the medical field, the need to travel to the hospital for emergencies and the long queues makes convenience come second to care and attention. But with the rise of technology, this situation is rapidly changing. The concept of online consultation has picked its pace, and people are finding it far more convenient to seek medical advice through these online portals. One of the leaders of this movement is iCliniq. Pioneering in the field of online consultation, iCliniq has proven time and again about the new-age consultation process that helps patients from across the world to access the best medical practitioners anytime.

Some of the critical reasons why online consultation has become convenient and one of the most preferred modes of taking medical advice include

1. Feasibility of services
Since the services are available online, the need to visit a place at a particular time has become unnecessary. A mere login and the list of doctors are made readily available. Adding to the ease of connecting with the doctor instantly over the Internet, patients can also speak to the doctors without having to wait in long queues. The distress of the waiting room does not present itself to online patient-doctor counsel.


2. Affordable as opposed to traditional hospitals and clinics
From petrol or diesel expenses, to doctor consultation fees, every visit to a clinic costs the patients a huge chunk of money. Sometimes these costs are incurred for no reason. With online consultation, patients can immediately save on the added costs as only a working Internet and electricity connection is required to speak to a doctor. At a fee that is far less expensive than a clinic visit, online medical consultants provide the same solution. iCliniq also offers the patients packages including #icliniq100hrs that helps patients get 100 hours of service at a minimal cost.


3. Best medical advisors from across the world instantly available
Online world connects people from across the globe. Online medical consultation is no exception. iCliniq, one of the premier global medical platforms allows patients from anywhere in the world to connect with doctors from around the globe. Without the need to travel, patients can look up medical experts and get all the answers they need. Easy, instant, and utterly convenient, online consultation is booming for this primary reason.


4. Available anytime, anywhere
Time-zones are not a concern for online consultation. Since all the communication happens online, patients can communicate with doctors who are in a similar time zone but not available physically. For instance, a patient from India can speak with a doctor in Australia who is a couple of hours ahead but available. This facility is not available otherwise to those who visit a hospital as there are a stipulated visiting and consultation hours.


5. Easy to follow through due to cloud-based interaction and data storage
If a connection is lost between the patient and the doctor during the middle of a consultation, the patient needs to panic. Instead, one can quickly log back in and resume the conversation as all the communication is based on a cloud server. Patients can also look up previous chat history to revisit the instructions in case of doubt. The ease of looking up an online log makes iCliniq portal most sought after for online consultations.

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