Once a Doctor, always a Doctor with iCliniq

Once a Doctor, always a Doctor with iCliniq


A doctor is the one person who is on duty despite time, venue or situation. They are the pillars of the world’s healthcare sector and there can be no greater joy than curing a person of ailments. However, a doctor is also a human being filled with family commitments, travel plans and stress fatigue. While it has become a common practice for doctors to take breaks from their duties, it is also a common thought to feel concerned about their patients. Their duration of the break is often shortened due to this unsettling thought or the doctors are worried about the well-being of the patients. Either way, a doctor is never away from their moral dedication towards the profession. It suffices to say – once a doctor, always a doctor.

Given their undue love for their profession, India’s leading online medical platform for medical consultation, iCliniq has come up with an easy and efficient way for doctors to connect with patients from anywhere. An online platform is thriving on bridging the gap between experts in the medical industry and patients, iCliniq understands the need of the hour – patient’s’ health, and created a portal that allows doctors to register and work even remotely.

The digital platform offers doctors an avenue with easy registration process so as to connect with patients from around the world. Some of the bespoke features of the online consultation platform include:

1. Simple registration process
Registering with iCliniq is relatively simple. A doctor does not require technical team’s support to register as the instructions are straightforward and direct. One can easily follow these steps to register as an expert consultant for iCliniq patients. With over 80+ medical categories available for consultation, doctors from different specialties will be able to register.

2. Multiple communication modes
Once registered, a doctor can respond to queries in more than one way. Doctors no longer have to write long e-mails responding to queries. Through this medical portal, questions can be answered through a phone call, video chat, SMS, and much more. All of this has been integrated with the system to keep a record of the queries answered.

3. No fixed consultation time
One can pick a case for consultation anytime, anywhere. The online medical consultation offers this unique feature of flexible work timing thus allowing doctors to juggle both personal and professional life. It is as simple as checking your WhatsApp or Mail to answer patient questions.


4. Patient history – at the click of a button
Doctors do not have to remember the patient history to consultant remotely. All the information is readily available online and easily extractable. The easy to access information allows doctors to have a holistic approach to the consultation thus creating a productive environment.

About iCliniq:

ICliniq is a second opinion platform, where one can consult doctors online. You can get your health issues solved from wherever you are.

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