Omicron - What You Need to Know

Omicron - What You Need to Know

Before we could take a gasp from the declining COVID cases due to vaccinations, a new variant has emerged to put us all in apprehension. It has not been too long since the World Health Organization warned us of the spread of a new variant called Omicron from South Africa, and it has already spread across 38 countries. Do not be stressed over the buzz that is scattered over the internet. Instead, read this blog and know some actual facts about this new COVID variant.


1) Rate of Spread


The rate at which the Omicron variant spreads is not apparent, but it is known to spread faster than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. By far, the Delta variant has been declared the fast-spreading one. But one crucial question arises in everybody’s mind now, “Is the Omicron variant much more contagious than the Delta variant?” Unfortunately, with limited research, this question is not answerable at the moment.

2) Severity of Infection


Research about the severity of infection caused by the Omicron variant is still ongoing. Also, if the Omicron variant can produce severe illness in fully vaccinated individuals and if reinfection is possible with the Omicron variant in the affected population are two big questions, which can only be answered after the results of ongoing studies become available. But to our repose, there have not been any deaths recorded so far with the Omicron variant.

3) Effectiveness of Vaccines


Got your COVID jabs? Rest assured, as many scientists believe that, just like with any other variant of coronavirus, vaccinations reduce the risk of hospitalization and death associated with the Omicron variant. The administration of booster doses has become a debatable topic with the emergence of this new variant. Please do get the booster dose as and when available.

4) Effectiveness of Treatment


Scientists expect the existing COVID treatments to be effective against the Omicron variant. But still, research is needed since the variant has significant mutations. As a result of the mutation, a few treatments can hold to be effective, while some can become less effective. 

Since the Omicron variant has taken its turn only a few weeks back, there is not much research about the virus, and only certain facts are available. However severe the Omicron variant might be, do remember we all have essential aids in our hands to prevent it. Mask up! Practice safe distancing! Wash your hands frequently! And finally, when it comes to vaccinations, do not have a second thought and get it done rightly.

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