Oh Blimey, the Winter Vomiting Disease Is Here!

Oh Blimey, the Winter Vomiting Disease Is Here!

Have you also been reading reports of the nasty stomach bug making its entry into our world again? Or are you worried and flustered about how, recently, so many people have been falling sick and away from schools, universities, and offices? If that is the case, then do not sweat it, and read further, to touch base and get acquainted with the not-so-friendly, Norovirus!

1. What Is the Smelt and Distress About?


The term “Norovirus” refers specifically to a collection of extremely contagious and infectious viruses that can cause a series of unfavorable and notorious alterations within the human body. In today’s world, this disease has been recognized by various names, such as the stomach bug, stomach flu, and winter vomiting disease. They are powerful tiny monsters (trust us, they are) that have led to numerous gastroenteritis outbreaks across the globe, making them the most widespread source of foodborne disease.

2. Cringe Alert: They Run a Tight Ship


These dishonorable and disreputable monsters are well-versed in their tasks. To an extent, their mind-baffling nature has confused and puzzled scientists to great extents. It is not news that they are highly contagious, but it is startling that they mutate by maintaining a low profile throughout their life, creating several strains. This not only makes it difficult to contain the disease but also halters the process of inventing its cure. They do not stop right there; instead, they cut corners from all sides sinfully. These adamant leeches cannot be wiped off, inactivated from surfaces, washed away, or desensitized by food preservation methods.

3. The Scandalous Insinuations


Encroachment by these tiny Frankensteins can result in an overwhelming amount of suffering. Having a sudden onset and incubation period of 12 to 48 hours, Norovirus can result in severe, uncontrolled episodes of vomiting and diarrhea. Furthermore, they can cause abdominal cramps, fever, body aches, weakness, and sudden bouts of chills and dizziness.

4. Gear Up, and Bite the Bullet


Once infected, the aftermath can be ghastly. Within seconds, it can spread to the family, colleagues, and everyone else on or near the radar. Recovery varies from a week to a few weeks. Isolate and go MIA, and respect your body, tender to its needs and rest. Ensure that you hydrate well to prevent the worrisome consequences of dehydration. Over-the-counter painkillers can help dodge fever and malaise. Last but not least, be gentle and kind towards your mental and physical health. It might seem really hard when you are in the midst of it, but once the virus takes its own course, it eventually wears off, allowing you to resume your normal life. Until then, binge-watch all those shows you have been missing out on!


Due to the complexity of the nature of Norovirus, it has been the pinnacle of debate for creating a miracle cure or a vaccine to prevent its infection. Until then, ensuring hygiene measures can help combat Norovirus, or in other words, the new age Frankensteins!

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