Offload the Weight: Troubleshooting the Obesity Epidemic

Offload the Weight: Troubleshooting the Obesity Epidemic

Among the several secrets you might have heard about leading a healthy life, maintaining a healthy body weight is definitely among the ones that top the list. Although weighing a certain way is not easy for everyone due to various factors that might influence their lives, never letting your weight compromise your health is something you should certainly care about. People with a few extra pounds are considered overweight, but being overweight does not mean that the person is obese, which again is a confusion most people have. But, this is not true; obesity and being overweight are two different conditions. Now, if you are wondering what exactly obesity is, scroll down.

1. Obesity or Overweight: Decode the Confusion


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) labels a person overweight if their body mass index (BMI) is 25 or more. And for a BMI of 30 or more, one should be alarmed, as this could indicate obesity, a condition that could greatly affect your health. Some instances that push you into these categories might not be in your control. But, taking a step ahead to prevent obesity is essential as it is particularly dangerous compared to being overweight, certainly because the former implies a higher body fat level than the latter.

2. What Brings on Obesity?


Unhealthy meal choices can make a person obese; yes, true. But this is not all. In some cases, genes are to blame; you could be prone if obesity is in your gene. If not, certain medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and many others, can make a person obese. Weight gain could be a side effect of some medications, including corticosteroids, diabetic medications, and mental illness medications.

3. The Dangers of Obesity


Obesity increases the chances of several other health complications, high-risk pregnancies, and whatnot. Being obese can cause one to get a heart attack – wait, what? Yes, go back and read that again. The list does not end here, though. Obesity can have an ill effect on mental health too. An obese person is highly prone to experience depression, anxiety, or other such psychoses, says research. Obesity can also lower the life span. Ultimately, compromised physical and mental health decreases the overall quality of life, which further worsens with age.

4. How to Fight Obesity?


Fighting obesity is all about determination and consistency. Opting for mindful eating, ditching junk, cutting off sugars, and quitting smoking and alcohol can help one fight obesity. A good diet plan and regular exercise will help you to achieve your ideal BMI. If you feel like you are too lazy to exercise daily, you can opt for smart choices like using the stairs instead of elevators, playing your favorite sports, swimming, gardening, dancing, or doing household chores. If you have severe obesity, you can take the advice of your physician or a health expert on overcoming it.

5. Bariatric Surgery: A Boon for Obese People


Bariatric surgery is for severely obese people with a BMI of more than 35 or who cannot achieve the ideal BMI even after following a good diet plan and intense workout. Usually, life-threatening illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure are worse in severely obese people. Hence, this surgery can be a boon for them and rescue them from the major risks associated with obesity. This surgery modifies your digestive system to lose weight and also prevents weight gain.

6. Say No to Obesity Before It Happens


Yes, you can prevent obesity if you know you are at risk. If you have an obesity gene, are taking certain pills, or have medical conditions predisposing to obesity, you need to be more alert about your diet and lifestyle. Stay addiction free, eat more fruits and vegetables, and be physically active; that is all you have to do!


The month of October is dedicated to spreading awareness about obesity. Be physically fit not just to look good; but, to be healthy and happy.

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