Of Heartbreak and Happiness: A Condensed Guide to Your Breakup Woes

Of Heartbreak and Happiness: A Condensed Guide to Your Breakup Woes

Losing a relationship is hard! Losing yourself over it? Nope, not the way to live the rest of your life. It is just not worth it. And though we often do realize it is not worth it, the heart works in mysterious ways. This blog will hold your hands in trying to make the best changes to your thinking towards your new life.

1) You Are Worthy Enough!


The way we invest ourselves in a person is surprisingly shocking! – we fall in love with their presence, actions, and whatnot when we have dived deep in. Eventually, being around them becomes the story of our lives. Having to face a day without all the little things associated with that person will undoubtedly take a toll on us. Though it did give you some good days, the days that went badly cannot be taken lightly. The chances you lost cannot be regained. Believe in your worthiness and tell yourself that you did your best. When there is nothing left to work on, wish your partner well and move on to keep your sanity.

2) You Are the Spark!


To get over someone, you will have to find new sources of meaning in your life. During these challenging times, it is best that you stick to the people who genuinely have good intentions. Mind you, do not go looking for a rebound; you deserve better, and so does the next person. Look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you deserve all the good that comes your way. A rough patch with the wrong person can never define you and your life. Follow the light of your heart! Give the love to yourself that you have been showering all this time in the wrong place.

3) It Is Time to Let Go!


A relationship with your loved one could have meant everything to you once. But ask yourself now – What is the vision of your relationship with this person? Has it been the pillar of yours in times of need? Has it given you enough space to breathe and be free? Has it let you – be you? Has it accepted you for who you are? When a relationship has only given you headaches and sorrow, that is not where you belong. That was never your battlefield, and it was not your fight to begin with. So, figure out what your needs actually are; let go and be freed!

4) You Are the Life!


Relationships end for a multitude of reasons – maybe you were wrong for each other; maybe you were right, but the timing was not; maybe you simply could not sustain it as beautifully as it began. Your life’s fundamental emotions can only be valued and chosen by you. So, whether that means choosing yourself or your companion, it is your choice that matters. But if you are looking for relationship advice, here it is: a companion who connects with you, shares your values enough to appreciate and understand you, and gives you the security of trust – is the companion you keep. Period. Now move on with no regrets!


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