No Amount of Alcohol Is Good for Your Heart!

No Amount of Alcohol Is Good for Your Heart!

Normalizing alcohol intake is one of the many practices that modernization has brought in. Have you been justifying your glass of red wine, saying that it is good for the Heart? If yes, read the blog and get to know what the World Heart Federation has a say on this.

1) Alcohol-Related Deaths


Do you know? Alcohol intake alone has contributed to around 2.4 million deaths in the year 2019. Intake of alcohol stands as a crucial risk factor for several chronic medical conditions like heart diseases, digestive diseases, liver disorders, infectious diseases, intentional injuries, and unintentional injuries that can result in death in extreme cases.

2) Alcohol and Heart Disease


Alcohol is an important preventable risk factor for heart diseases. Any form of alcohol puts at an increased risk of developing cardiac problems. A sense of relief about alcoholism is that when avoided, the occurrence of these diseases can be prevented to a more significant extent.

3) Is Red Wine Really Good for the Heart?


Red wine has been stereotyped to be a heart-healthy beverage by most alcohol industries. But the reality is these are just simple marketing tricks to haunt more consumers towards their product. Alcohol has no relation to promoting an individual’s health, and in particular, it has nothing to enhance your heart health.

4) What Does the World Heart Federation Recommend?


Are you still looking for loopholes to stick onto alcohol? Please do have a change of thought. Because what the World Heart Federation recommends is ‘People living with heart diseases, other chronic medical conditions, breastfeeding women, pregnant women, children, and young adults should abstain from taking alcohol.’ For otherwise healthy people, you should not start drinking in the first place or should stop it if you have been consuming alcohol.

5) SAFER Policy Recommended


Strengthen restrictions on the availability of alcohol.
Advance measures should be taken to prevent “Drink & Drive,” to avoid road traffic accidents.
Facilitate protocols to implement screening, prevent, and treat alcohol addiction.
Enforce bans on advertisements, sponsorships, and promotions on alcohol.
Raise the price of alcohol products by levying excise taxes.


Drinking alcohol is not a means of socialization or status-symbol. When it comes to reverting alcohol addiction, many organizations or individuals can help you, but what matters the most is your choice to opt for it. Yes, stopping alcohol can be challenging, but do remember it is worth enough. Do it for yourself, your health, and the well-being of your loved ones!

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