New Pandemic Alert: Monkeypox

New Pandemic Alert: Monkeypox

While being still skeptical if COVID has gotten to its climax, the monkeypox has put us all in a shock by headlining the media as the newly declared pandemic. After being the victims of the former pandemic spree; this news, which was totally unlooked for, has brought quite a bit of dejection to us all! This blog aims at adding more info to this very new news.

1) Pandemic? Why So?


3.4 k plus cases with 58 prey countries? Woah! This virus, as well, is quite a thing! It is definitely not something to sit and watch to end after being through so much with the previous, nope; still, existing coronavirus-caused pandemic. This pox’s rapid branching from the continent after continent has scared the WHN (World Health Network) to name it a ‘pandemic’ – is the news. The scariest warning from the higher-ups is that we might lose the life and eyesight of millions if the counts escalate.

2) What’s Odd From the Classic?


For some, ‘monkeypox’ might not ring a bell, but this monkeypox is not ‘all new’ to the world, you know. Few nations have been through previous outbreaks of this pox. But, this time, researchers claim that something they noted of this virus is offbeat from the classic, which is its human-to-human and fast-paced spread. Although knowing monkeypox more is obviously a work in progress, those unveiled of it are still a concern.

3) Okay, What Next?


Accepting that we are clouded by a twain of pandemics is the first to do. At this point, we are way past complaining and whining about what is happening. The quicker we process the happening will we slow the pox’s progress from worsening! As we did for quite some time, let us bring back the quarantine culture and cut back on visits. Mask and sanitation, as always, are essentials for this fight.

4) Is There a Med On-Board?


Though technically, there is no specificity in drugs such as a monkeypox cure, smallpox meds, and preventive jabs have lowkey shown some responses; touch wood. There is no requisite for panic, but it is not as well a situation to sit back and relax. Having a heal does not mean you want to get sick, right? Well, to never get sick with this pox, you know the drill!


Yes, it is happening, process it, and keep your guard on! Once again, mask up people; let us gear up together and fight this evolving pandemic as a gang.

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