Myths About the COVID-19 Vaccines

Myths About the COVID-19 Vaccines

Many countries are experiencing a drastic increase in COVID-19 cases, whereas the cases are going down in others. COVID-19 vaccines and preventive measures are the major cause of this decline. But, there are a lot of misinformation and myths circulating online about the approved COVID-19 vaccines, preventing people from signing up to get vaccinated. Unless we understand that these are myths and rumors and choose to get vaccinated, there is no end to this pandemic. To help you make the right choice, we have listed a few myths that you should refrain from believing.


Myth #1


1) If I Am Already Infected, I Do Not Need to Get Vaccinated

If you have already been infected with COVID-19, you can still benefit from getting vaccinated. How? There are chances of getting re-infected with COVID-19 as there is currently no sufficient data saying how long the immunity lasts. And also, health experts feel that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection. So it is safer to get vaccinated regardless of a previous infection.

Myth #2


2) COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not Safe as They Were Developed in a Hurry

No vaccine is 100% effective. The ultimate aim of vaccines is to prevent the disease’s severity and break the chain of transmission. Studies say that there are no severe or life-threatening side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines. Also, COVID-19 vaccines were created by a similar method to how traditional vaccines have been developed for years.

Myth #3


3) I Am Free From Wearing a Mask After Getting Vaccinated

Vaccines do not stop the Coronavirus from entering your body, but they protect you from getting seriously ill. There are still chances of getting infected with COVID-19 after getting vaccinated and transmitting the infection to others, who might not still be vaccinated. So until all of us are vaccinated, always wear a mask, maintain a social distance of six feet, and wash your hands frequently regardless of the vaccination.

Myth #4


4) COVID-19 Vaccines Result in Active Infection

The vaccine cannot result in COVID-19, as it does not contain active SARS-CoV-2 virus. The vaccine mimics the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus and instructs the body to produce antibodies. These antibodies help to fight off the virus in case of a future infection. This way of acquiring immunity is far better than getting infected with the deadly virus.

Myth #5


5) COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause Life-Threatening Side Effects

You will only experience the common side effects like pain in the injected site, fever, etc., which you usually experience from any other vaccines. Unless you are allergic to the ingredients of the vaccine or the vaccine as a whole, there are no serious side effects proven.

Myth #6


6) COVID-19 Vaccines Alter Your DNA

Vaccines deliver instructions to our body cells to build protection against the virus that causes COVID-19. However, the vaccine does not enter the nucleus of the cell where our DNA is present. Hence, vaccines cannot affect or alter, or neither do they have an effect on our DNA.

Unless the information is produced from any verified government sources, do not turn an ear to these myths. Get vaccinated and try to break the chain of transmission.


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