Mind and Body Ft. Self-Care

Mind and Body Ft. Self-Care

A duo that for sure exhausts every human at some point is – the mind and body. Do you think so? Do you think you could escape or skip what life has to offer? Nay! not happening for you or any of us. Rather than finding a way to skip, one can mend their ways to see the right fit through hard times. This blog shall hit you with a mind and body-friendly self-care routine.

1) Clutterless!


Friend, if you brawl with a messy mind and home around you, it is time you reorganize. Who does not like things in their belonging places? All of us sure do, right? However, for some, it may be impossible to do day-to-day. A better way to be on top of your peaceful mind is decluttering; let give away be your way. It is time they find a new place to be of use- buh bye belongings!

2) Slumber ‘O’Clock


You know you are burned out, when – to listen, respond, or at worst, function at all becomes challenging. In a time like that, I guess, all that you would need is a pause. Say see you in a while and wrap yourself to good sleep. Doze off as per and as long as your body demands. Everything revolving around you sure shall wait. This mini pause sums up another major round of doings.

3) Be Your Date!


Do we always need a companion to feel good? Not at all; a self-dated person would firmly nod with me to this. Mark a date to a date with yourself. Though a self-date pulls too many eyes toward you and gets you needless pity, you do it for yourself! It is not just another day out but a date with boons of confidence, self-sufficiency, knowing the real you, and all the goods you would need.

4) God Is at Your Doorstep


Spirituality does not just mean reading, praying, and knowing the scriptures by heart; it also connects with the universe. Whenever you feel lost, you shall always find a deeper meaning to living with spiritual healing, aka meditation. Once you understand and find meaning in your surroundings, it becomes a cakewalk to handle crises. Never question your ability as others do with you! Not every day can be your day, and not every day is meant to be your bad day.

5) Money Tree!


Being financially independent sprouts in you a calm mind, which in a way helps with a healthier body. Work hard; nonetheless, be passionate about what you do for a living. If it suffocates you, mind you, that is not your place to be. Be sound on your spending list, and strike out the ones which weigh less in terms of needs. A free mind and a body come with a cost!


At this point, I am sure you have set a date for your self-date, right? Live your life in a way you feel like wanting to live more! Happy living to you!

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