First ever tool-kit to manage MENOPAUSE and it is FREE

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

The thought of menopause has been a nightmare for a lot of women above 40. A wonderful management method for menopause is now available. It is a cycle of life which can now be managed easily, thanks to the tool-kit published by the Climacteric journal.

Toolkit to manage menopause
Toolkit to manage menopause

Scientists led by Professor Susan Davis and her team from Monash University combined the already available research on menopause, diagnostic algorithms and of course, vast clinical experience to develop this diagnostic tool-kit. It has been designed for use by a General practitioner.

This tool-kit can be used by anyone to manage their menopause across the world and is so wide in information of drugs specific to the place.


Professor Davis said that the tool-kit has clear guidelines on menopause diagnosis and management, and equipped doctors with all fundamentals to help any women with menopause management.

The team has been gracious enough to make it a free resource that includes a a flow chart of questions that a doctor has to ask his/her patient who are about to encounter menopause.  The tool-kit speaks about psychological implications that the patient might have and how the doctor can ask about it. The tool-kit also flags security concerns and provides a comprehensive list of all hormone therapies approved (by regulators) and available in different countries. In addition it also lists various non-hormone therapies.

The tool-kit is available for personal use at —>

One can also get a personalized medical advice from an online menopause expert (obstetrician) at


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