Love, Life, and Herpes: Beyond the Stigma

Love, Life, and Herpes: Beyond the Stigma

Herpes is an all too common infection and the stigma surrounding it is even more! What if we tell you that living with herpes does not have to be a death sentence? In truth, you can still lead a joyful and meaningful romantic life even with blisters, if you have the correct knowledge and resources. Join us as we examine how to deal with this rival with grace and confidence as we go further into the realm of herpes.


1. You Are Not the Only One!

Here is an open secret: Herpes is way too common than you think it is! Steel yourself for this, according to the World Health Organisation, 13 % of those between the ages of 15 and 49 have genital herpes, which equates to around 500 million people. Another staggering statistic is that 67 % of those under 50 have oral herpes. Therefore, it is likely that you already know someone who is battling this virus. The stigma associated with herpes should not stop you from learning more about this common condition.

2. The Six-Letter Words Herpes AKA Stigma

Herpes is a matter of prejudice for many. Some believe that the stigma alone is enough to give a person enough mental trauma than the actual symptoms of the virus. The prime grounds for jaw-dropping gestures, when people hear about herpes, are that herpes is sexually transmitted and the fact that it cannot be completely cured. Even so, there are treatments that can put down the outbreaks letting the victims lead a healthy happy life!

3. No More Butterflies to Blisters

When it comes to sexual activity, do not let the stigma around herpes keep you in the dark. Being informed that taking precautions can make all the difference in protecting yourself and your partner from this often-misunderstood virus. Before getting intimate, educate yourself about the risks and ways to reduce them. From using condoms to avoiding sexual contact during an outbreak, a little preparation can go a long way in keeping both you and your partner safe. So stay ahead of the game and take control of your sexual health today!

4. Loving and Living With Herpes

Dating can get really hard when dealing with herpes. It is the stigma associated with STIs (sexually transmitted infections) that makes it more punishing. According to a recent study, people with STIs are more likely to feel ashamed, lonely, and nervous about their diagnosis, which can have a negative effect on their love life. It can be all too common to have the worry of being rejected by lovers and being thought of as sexually unappealing. But do not let those unfavorable thoughts hinder you. Knowing more about your health can make you feel more in control and comfortable talking to others about it.


Hey, here is the lowdown on herpes – it can cause both genital herpes and cold sores. Although treatment for both is pretty similar, prevention methods and treatment decisions can differ depending on your situation. Do not stress, though! Our healthcare practitioners are here to help you figure out the best plan for you. Click here to start an online visit now to talk about your options and get the help you need to stay on top of your health!

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