Living with Alopecia Areata

Living with Alopecia Areata

The hype about having good hair never fades! Portraying thick hair to be the healthier form has created a sense of insecurity and stress in people with relatively finer hair. It is always bothering to lose hair, right? Hair loss follows different patterns; one such is alopecia areata – losing hair in patches. This could affect anyone and everyone. Also, surprisingly the people affected by alopecia are completely fine otherwise. Following are a few ways to cope with the stress it creates.


1. Know Your Condition Better


Everything you see or hear about is never solely the truth. Do your research; see what works for you. Never analyze your condition by comparing it with others. Each gene is different; the same goes for the scale of the disease progression. Staying updated on trends regarding the condition and giving your opinions on the condition to other sufferers can ease the pain on both sides.

2. There Is Always a Fix


Though this condition lacks a permanent cure; there are still treatments available as a fix; search and grab it before it is too late. Keep your hope alive and look for a solution. Multiple cases have shown regrowth and claimed that this condition is not permanent. Even if it is late, embrace your flaws and find creative ways to boost your confidence.

3. Seek Expert’s Advice


There are ways to boost hair regrowth and techniques to camouflage your bald spot. An expert can help you with an apt option you expect. Trust your doctor and do your part right. Nothing happens over a sunrise. Patience and consistency, both physically and mentally, can aid you to cope well.

4. Never Compromise Your Fashion Game


Depression overtakes the person to question themselves; How does it matter? As if a single flaw is the only concern. Never pick up this thought. You can always be your kind of beautiful; it is just a bunch of hair. So never lose yourself to it. Instead, enjoy pulling off the fashion and hairstyles you love.

5. Stressing Is Never the Solution


It is understandable to get stressed, but as you are already aware, it never helps! Stress puts you on the dark side and never lets you wean out of it. So make an effort to stress less than you usually would and focus on ways to cope. Talk to people who have overcome the phase you are still caught in.

Never settle for the ideal; instead, break stereotypes that could help others gain confidence to let go of their insecurities regarding this patchy hair loss!


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