Let’s Clean up Tobacco Mess!

Let’s Clean up Tobacco Mess!

We acquire new habits throughout life, some good, some bad. One thing that was supposed to be a tabo but exits with an illegally legal permit as a habit among us; ranks top in the group of tough addictions; which also creates a fuss to withdrawal; is none but the very common-to-spot habit, tobacco. You know, we know, tobacco is bad, but still, it does not go uncalled. Learn how never to nod yes to tobacco’s calling.

1) Never Safe Cut Off From Pipe


There is no “safe to take” in tobacco – all, and as a whole, it is poison. Fine, now; many who swear by tobacco believe that it only affects the liver, the organ that technically regrows, so they claim it to be a win-win situation. But, oh, tobacco-loving fam, you have the absolutely wrong update. To break down the fact – it spares no body part from damage; I mean, tip to toe, none has a shield to protect itself from the harmful tobacco and let us not exclude alcohol.

2) If Not for You; At Least for Us


Tobacco does ravage the intaker for sure, but why are non-smokers blamed for tobacco intake when they get ill? Well, tobacco’s ill effects do not stop with the abuser; it does spread to the clueless bystanders around a smoker through every inhale. Medically, this spread holds the name – passive smoking. But, when doing something that harms just yourself is sin, what reply do you have to a person’s cry just for standing next to you?

3) Wanna Do but Dunno How?


Addictions conquer people for many reasons, some silly as ‘for being labeled cool’ to something as serious as a ‘cure to pain.’ When some want to stop it, yet the addiction never lets them out and about. For those desiring, you are not hated; we got you! Assures the rehab centers. While clocking out takes several times, getting out of it also demands time. Start slow, and you will eventually find your way toward the light!

4) Get Set a No Tobacco Environment!


Is this blog directed only to tobacco users? Well, no. Awareness is not just for the tobacco invaded community; it is for every six sensed earthlings, meaning us humans. To do away with tobacco is the need of the hour to protect our environment from the already caused and still causing tobacco errors, as it keeps taking a toll on our habitat. Creating awareness starts from where you are. Start now and help those in need with why no tobacco talk.


Let today, the world no tobacco day put us one step closer to setting our environment free of tobacco to achieving our theme of 2022 for the upcoming twelve months – protect the environment! Also, together let we set sufferers out of their chains and help them live like us, needless to reach out to their long-lost friend – tobacco!

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