Let Us Talk, Veggies!

Let Us Talk, Veggies!

Growing up, each of us has at least once gotten an earful for bringing back veggies in our supposed-to-be empty lunch boxes. Which, with all due respect, was not the best for us! As adults, we now know how important this plant produces are to be healthful. Yet there is still a hesitance in us that makes us make faces to “let us have salad for lunch.” Well, this blog will give you reasons to enjoy a veggie-packed meal.

1) The Beauty in Greens!


Veggies, and in spesh greens, are the best of the nutritious goodies that our environs have to offer. Choosing them to be our daily staples can never go wrong in any way. Greens hold the majority of our body’s needs, from vitamins and minerals to whatnot. When looking for whole body detox, is there any better option than green juice? So, do eat greens, do not hate greens for they are the best in all scenes.

2) Stick To Seasonals!


It is beyond doubt that anything is good when fresh, and so availing seasonal is the best. Most crops only bloom when the temperature switches to what works best for them; as in, each season is specified for a certain crop fam, and they be their best in it. So, learning the season’s yield will help you to stock up fresh from the field. Just out of the garden, veggies obviously carry the most load of goodies as they skip preservations and chemical showers for the best.

3) The Easy Fit; Do Experiment


We, in our minds, have fixed veggies to be all these b’s – boring, bland, and bad in taste, which makes us not give them a chance to reach our plate. Veggies can fit into almost any dish you come up with, meaning you do not have to curate a new meal just for your veggie source. You can add it to any regular lunch box recipe; it is as simple as that. Also, would it compromise the taste? Not at all. Choosing the right veggie combo for any dish can please your taste buds and makes you healthy fed withal.

4) The Backyard Goodness


Set a space to grow your own food; there is no way you will regret it. We never know if the veggies labeled ‘organic’ in a grocery store really do justice to it, but what we do know is our kitchen garden will never fail us in that. The food we produce on our own farm is healthier and tastier max with saving a few dollars over our grocery bills. The work behind every mini garden sums up when the harvest season hits. Gardening, out of all its gain, is a therapy you get for free!


Vegetables are colorful blessings that sate our taste and make a colorful plate. The veggie world is vast and diverse; exploring it bit by bit makes you get fit. Kick start today; the world “eat your vegetables day” with an oath to modify your meal plate day by day.

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