Is Language a Barrier on Medical Cases?

Is Language a Barrier on Medical Cases?

In a world where technology has brought us closer to one another, few obstacles hinder our way to grow together. From having different religions to different geographies to different languages, our constraints in communicating freely with one another is restricted. However, the growth of innovation and technology has started to blur these difficulties and help us come past them. With the invention of many devices to help us communicate better, we no longer stop ourselves from exploring for more. Google Translate and many other applications have become an integral part of those pushing boundaries with geography and language.

iCliniq is intended to break the language barriers and geographical limitations in consulting a super speciality doctor for a better care through medical second opinion, treatment recommendations, and medical advice. As a global medical advisory platform, iCliniq understands the need for an advanced communications system that allows users from different regions and people speaking different languages to communicate easily with one another. To eradicate divisions, iCliniq supports over 12 languages on the platform.

The platform supports a myriad of languages. The highlights of this revolutionizing move are as below.

  1. 4 Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali
  2. More than 3 European languages including German, French, Italian, Turkish
  3. Focusing on even the remotest South Asian countries including Indonesia by offering medical assistance in Indonesian
  4. Breaking barriers across the world by providing medical advice in Spanish for the people from the West

Aside from reaching a global audience, this language option opens wider door to patients as they can

1. Instantly connect with doctors without the fear of miscommunication

Since the barrier of language is no more, it is easy to connect with doctors instantly. They can understand your needs and quickly revert with their expert opinion. This option is complicated in the physical world as no instant translators are available to serve the purpose.

2. Reach the best doctors at the click of a button for best treatment/advice

Treatments and medical advice should be given to all – this is our motto. As we host a plethora of doctors from every field, it is easy to speak to them instantly at the click of a button.


3. Communicate with the entire iCliniq community that is spread across the world

One no longer needs to constrain themselves to a location-based medical advice. As the world becomes your hospital, get the best advice from the best doctors in the field.

4. Get treated by leaders of the field without extra fee

Best medical advice often comes at a premium. But iCliniq is breaking norms by offering expert consultation at a nominal cost that is both affordable and cheap. For instance, the #iCliniq100hrs allows access to all the doctors in the database without any extra fee for location or language!

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