Is it possible to lose weight by diet alone?

Loosing weight is a never ending battle for some. To loose weight with diet alone is almost impossible. Knowing everything that can be learned about carbohydrates, proteins and fats is critical to loosing weight. That’s on top of adding exercise. Also knowing about body types can help in what diet will work best. Proteins promote muscle but without exercising the muscles it is hard to build up. Carbohydrates convert to energy when used with an exercise routine. Otherwise carbs will convert to sugar which will then convert to fat. To journal daily caloric intake and monitor weight based on a specific routine such as a 2000 calorie a day diet can help in adjusting whats right for the person. 2000 calories would be the recommended daily allowance and any exercise done would subtract calories from the daily intake therefore allowing more weight loss. Exercise also increases the heart rate which is good in maintaining a healthy blood pressures and less water retention. It is always best to have a doctor monitor weight loss routines. There is a math to weight loss. The doctor can help set attainable goals, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before you begin. To go on these extreme diets with few calories and no exercise is destined to fail.

Pen and paper ready. Plan out your weeks menus and stick to them. Journal what you eat everyday. If on a 1200 calorie a day diet and you exercise 300 calories off then eat 300 more calories. This churns up the metabolism. Protein builds more muscle which in turn burns more calories. If one eats very low calories and no exercise is done the body will go into starvation mode thus holding on to everything taken in. Then when a day comes and no cookie in sight is enough guess what. Gain weight, feel awful and give up. An early morning walk before breakfast will put pep in your step. The key to all of your daily diet is moderation. If you fall down get back up and start over being conscience of diet and exercise. While watching T.V. lay in floor and do crunches or any other exercise during commercials. Higher protein monitored caloric diets with some exercise thrown in four to five times a week will guarantee success. Scientist all over the world will tell you diet alone is not enough to successfully loose weight. Not to mention keeping it off.

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