International Week of Happiness at Work ‘There is no path to happiness - Happiness is the path!’

International Week of Happiness at Work  ‘There is no path to happiness - Happiness is the path!’

International week of happiness at work is kept under lock and key from September 20th to 25th every year. This event is to give the employees a sense of quality happiness at the workplace. Having said that, this event also results in an optimistic effect on one’s mental health, productivity, and well-being. The secret of happiness is never in doing what one likes but in liking what one does and taking part in that happiness as a team at the workplace, encouraging one another. On that note, despite the contradictory nature of the idea, here are some keys to finding joy at work:

1) Work Smarter, Not Harder!


The moment you load yourself with the traditional style of working; many tasks all at once – you are likely to be irritated and frustrated at the end of the day. You may have the strength and capacity to manage it all by yourself, but have you ever thought about how long your body could possibly sustain that? So, always choose a way to be more competent at the work that lets you maintain your charisma around your folks. Always schedule tasks based on your energy levels to keep your endorphins (happy hormones) high.

2) Go Pro with Pomodoro


The Pomodoro technique – is the simplest tack to balance and enjoy while you complete your daily tasks. Here is an idea of how you can plan accordingly to your field of work.

Step 1 – Plan your tasks.
Step 2 – Set your timepiece for 25 minutes tops.
Step 3 – Keep going with your assignment till the timer goes off.
Step 4 – Take a short break of three to five minutes (no sneaky working – a short relaxation for longer happiness).
Step 5 – Repeat the cycle four times. Every four stretches of work, take a fifteen to thirty minutes break.

Planning beforehand always keeps your chair on fire with happiness. Confidence enforces satisfaction in oneself. Be confident in how you plan your day to be productive, and it eases your nerves when you fulfill your tasks.

3) One Brain, Many Cells


Are you a multitasker? Juggling everything at once is the clear path to unhappiness at work inwards and outwards. If you did not get the epistle right, multitasking is a fallacy. It is utterly impossible to strain your brain to focus on many things simultaneously. Multitasking uses the highest frequency of your brain’s power; by fusing it all together, you are sacrificing your well-being and mental health. You may feel you have mastered the art of solving all the complex puzzles initially, without realizing that things are slowly deteriorating. Your cerebral cortex can pay attention to only one thing at a time. Set your pace to one task at a time, achieve it gracefully, and keep your well-being in check.

4) Embrace Saying ‘No’


Do you enjoy being pleasant to everyone around you? Well, that is no easy way to be where you want to grow and work. It is a good quality that everyone could enjoy but you. Meanwhile, you take the toss for others; it always ends up tolling your health poorly. Say no when it is not supposed to be on your plate, and know when and where to draw the line. When you do, you will eventually start working on yourself and enhancing your growth at the workplace. One happiness scatters thousands of sorrows. Make your cup of one today.


Emotion is a part of happiness that can be felt with the joy of working to grow yourself along with the firm. At the same time, many of you may find it tough to keep your emotions intact and try to separate them from your work life, which is no way to work at all. As our emotions influence our behaviors, they can negatively affect our mental well-being. You can only be truly happy when you master the highs and the lows equally and stay upbeat.

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