Impact of the Pandemic on Mental Health

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Despite the physical health concerns that COVID-19 has brought in, it has also taken a massive toll on mental health. The subsequent waves of COVID-19 have taken a rhythmic pattern. Deep down inside, we all wish to jump out of this vicious cycle because of the imprints brought in. Read on to know the effects and ways to master it!



1. Fear of Getting Infected


Who has been spared from the fear of getting a COVID-19 infection? It is even more increased when you have a family member with comorbidities. Did you know? The appetite loss you have and the sleepless nights you experience are linked with anxiety about protecting yourself or your loved one from acquiring an infection. You even tend to hoard your pantry with lots of goods, fearing the announcement of another lockdown.

2. Financial Worries


Pandemic has risked the employment and businesses of many, bringing about an impact on the finances. Worrying about your financial situation, especially if you are the bread-owner of the family, is a usual thing. The stress brought about by the uncertainty of your work smacks mental health in several ways.


3. After Effect of Social Distancing


How much would you have longed to spend some quality time with your family? Yes! It did happen with a lockdown. But sticking with your family alone for such an extended time is tiresome and not the way you had imagined. Staying home is needed to prevent infection; however, this kind of social isolation has resulted in depression. Not being able to go to school or work, chit-chat with your friends, and attend get-togethers affects your mental health.

4. Emotional Breakdown Due to Loss


Unexpected losses, be it a person, job, or health, have become common with COVID-19. The amount of grief brought about by these losses is enormous. Especially when you cannot be with your loved one during their illness phase is always disheartening for both.

What Can You Do to Overcome Mental Impacts?


A simple open talk with your loved one can heal you. So, do have one now. The surge about COVID-19 that the news channels bring in is high, so limit the time you watch the news. Do stick to a healthy diet and have a good night’s sleep. Spend time with your friends or loved ones virtually through video calls. Try playing games to make your time with family more enjoyable. Exercises have paramount significance in improving mental health, therefore follow a daily routine of exercises.

Break the social stigma and speak out about your concerns in terms of psychological health because mental health care is the right and not a privilege. Why stress about things not in our control? Instead, concentrate on your health, be happy with the happenings, and lead a peaceful life. Face the change with a smile!

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