Are you consulting doctors online? If not now, then when?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


In life, we are always playing catch – up. The fast paced life has us on toes always. From running around the office to finishing up errands on the weekends, this era is all about running to live a peaceful and healthy life. With the increasing expenditure and taxes, it is also getting increasingly difficult to manage medical expenses. Tests, consultations, and further clarifications make a hole in the pockets. Is the solution to this situation avoid doctors altogether? The answer is no. The growing technology has paved the way for alternate methods of medical consultation. The pioneers in this field, iCliniq has engineered a sophisticated online medical portal that bridges the gap between patients and doctors.


The growth of the internet combined with the technically advanced team at iCliniq has created a platform that aims at minimizing the time taken to get medical advice from experts. Here we see some of the prominent features of this platform that helps the nation better informed medically.

1. Subscription
With monthly and yearly subscription options available, iCliniq makes medical care less expensive. Depending on the requirement, one can easily opt for a subscription that helps them understand the medical world better. These flexible plans give the user several features, thus allowing them to connect with specialists easily.

2. Easy to use
The platform is user-friendly, thus making it your medical consultation experience easy and trouble free. The interactive interface and understandable interface allow users to find the right doctor quickly. This also saves time as one does not have to be technically sound to use the platform.

3. Quick turnaround time
Each doctor can be easily searched for based on the requirement. In turn, the doctor’s response time is also quick thus making the experience worry-free. Without any queues, and without any worry about holding up other patients, one can ask all the questions without losing focus due to distractions.


4. Anytime, anywhere
Now you do not have to rush your meetings to get to the doctor’s appointment. You can quickly speak to the doctor from the office or have a conversation once you are free. Either way, the doctor is constantly available at your beck and call without any extra fee!

About iCliniq:

iCliniq is a second opinion platform, where one can consult doctors online. You can get your health issues solved from wherever you are. As a recognition for quality iCliniq has been rated as the 5th best telemedicine companies in the world by Investopedia and Healthline.

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