iCliniq's role in Empowering Rural Health Care

iCliniq made it possible for the users from rural area to consult remote doctors and specialists to get medical advice for their health problems without any hassle.

This has been achieved after we introduced two new features in iCliniq.

  • SMS health queries.
  • Phone consultations.

A noble use case of a user who is from a remote area of a village.

1. Register with iCliniq

To register with icliniq, the user sends an SMS to 56767 with the text ICLINIQ R

2. Ask health query to the doctors

To ask a doctor online, the user sends an SMS to 56767 with the text ICLINIQ Q

3. Get medical advice from doctors and specialists on iCliniq

The user can login to www.icliniq.com to see the answer provided by the Doctor. If the Doctor sent any PDF formatted prescription, the user can download and print the prescription.

4. Attach any health records (if necessary)

If the Doctor requests the user to get any laboratory tests done, the user can go to the nearest lab and get the tests done. The reports of the tests can be sent to the same doctor after posting it in icliniq.com. The doctor after examining the lab report can send his medical advise with the prescription.

5. Book a phone consultation with the doctor

After getting a medical advice from the doctor, the user got more comfortable and booking a phone consultation with the doctor to talk further if necessary.

Once the user booked a phone consultation with a doctor, the doctor will get a notification and an update in his/her calendar. The doctor will then click  a “connect patient on call” button at the scheduled time slot.

The user then receives an automated conference call from the server that connect the user with the doctor’s phone.

6. Get your health issues solved and start your routine work

We are going back to olden days where we make you feel like having a doctor next to you.

7. Benefits

  • Cut travel cost.
  • Avoid long waiting queue
  • Use it from your ‘home’ or ‘office’ or ‘on travel’.

iCliniq is receiving more than 100 health queries via SMS every day and more phone consultations are being booked since the service has been started very recently.

iCliniq’s mission is to integrate tele-health with the practice management system, electronic medical records (EMR) of the hospitals, and personal health records to make healthcare more simplified and better organized.

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