#iCliniq100hrs - Chat With a Doctor Unlimited for 100 Hours

#iCliniq100hrs - Chat With a Doctor Unlimited for 100 Hours

#iCliniq100hrs – Chat With a Doctor unlimited for 100 hours.

Recently, iCliniq launched #iCliniq100hrs program as a social responsibility initiative that offers unlimited medical support and assistance for patients from across the world. The program aims at bridging the gap between patients who require medical advice beyond the ten-minute consultation with doctors to clarify queries and concerns. The flexibility of digital consultation combined with the unlimited hours of professional support made this initiative a huge success.

As patients had access to a plethora of medical fields, every query right from a common cold to a heart condition was instantly addressed and resolved. Recently, a mother from Australia had contacted a doctor for immediate medical advice regarding her newborn’s respiratory problems. With #iCliniq100hrs, she immediately connected with a medical expert who used technology to understand the problem and resolved it within a few hours.

As success stories increased, #iCliniq100hrs started to garner massive attention globally. People from different walks of life internationally have been in awe of the service offered by this online portal. Audience from different walks and different location across the world started using this platform to resolve their medical issues as the program is

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Expert advice

But the main question lies with the primary objective of #iCliniq100hrs – is it worth the money and hype?

The answer is, yes. For a fee as low as $39.99, a patient practically can get assistance from doctors of over 30 disciplines. And while 100 hours in real life seem too short, for medical purposes a person might require more than 5 hours with a doctor. Even for the severe concerns, including mending of a fractured bone, all the visits to the infirmary will sum up to 10 hours at the most.

Another important aspect is the quality of the doctors. All doctors registered with iCliniq go through a rigorous screening process and qualify to partner with the portal only upon successful completion of the requirements. With such robust registration process, clients can be assured of the reputation of the doctors involved, thus guaranteeing the quality of service offered by iCliniq. iCliniq has been rated as 5th best telemedicine platform in the world by Healthline and Investopedia.

The concept of virtual hospitals is fast picking, thanks to the rise of technology. With easy access portals such as iCliniq in place, patients can forget to worry about the long queues and waiting room boredom. These portals make it easy for people to transition from physical hospitals to digital consultation platforms.

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