How to Treat PCOS Naturally

How to Treat PCOS Naturally

PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a disorder in women that can be extremely distressing. It results in the lack of menstruation in women. It not only affects your internal health but also leads to unusual facial hair growth and unexplained weight gain takes a toll on your confidence.

There are medical remedies for this condition which stabilize blood sugar level and induce menstruation. But these medications have their side effects. Here are a few home remedies you can follow to beat PCOS.



1. Eat papayas

Rich in carotene, papaya is a fruit which can induce periods naturally. Consuming papaya on a regular basis can help you naturally fight against this condition.


2. Exercise

A regular workout session can help keep your ovaries healthy. It is said that by even reducing 5% of body weight your body can recover from the effects of PCOS. A regular workout session that gets you moving in an active phase and sweat a lot will be fine.


3. Spice it up

Cinnamon is known to stabilize insulin levels. Pepper is something that can help induce periods. Hence these spices can be key in helping you get rid of PCOS.


4. Sugar control

Keep a check on your sugar and sweet consumption. This will help keep your blood insulin leveled, helping your condition in a big way.



5. Yoga

Yoga can go a long way while helping you relieve from PCOS. Suryanamaskars, Dhanurasana, and Suptabadhakonasana are a few asanas that can help fight off the effects of PCOS.



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