How to Stay Healthy Over Christmas

HO! HO! HO! Our favorite festive season is here. The time of the year when we are overwhelmed by happiness. But as we believe at iCliniq, health always comes over happiness.

This does not mean your health concerns should come in the way of your happiness. They can always coexist. Make sure to follow these few eating habits and be both healthy and happy.


1. Healthy Breakfast

How to stay healthy over Christmas

Start your day with a healthy breakfast which is composed of fruits or vegetables and some nuts or eggs. This will keep your hunger pangs in check and get your stomach ready for the hearty Christmas lunch. Such a wholesome breakfast will also lift your spirits and help you jingle all the day.


2. Add the Nutrition

How to stay healthy over Christmas

Don’t forget to add the nutrition value to your festive goodness. Add a fruit or vegetable salad with a nutritious dressing to one of the courses of your meal. This will also help your digestion process to run without any hassles.


3. Healthy Snack

How to stay healthy over Christmas

If you are going to be moving around, make sure to pack a healthy snack with you. A hand full of nuts or a fruit should keep you going. A healthy snack between meals will also keep your blood sugar levels in check and again maintain your energy levels.


4. Healthy Servings

How to stay healthy over Christmas

Make sure you fill your plate with all the healthy servings during the first course. This will get your stomach running and ready for the second course which can be calorific and heavy. The healthy first course will also fill up your stomach and leave little room for heavy food.


5. Cup of Tea

How to stay healthy over Christmas

Indulge in a cup of tea before or along with your desserts. The heavy antioxidant composition in your tea will work wonders.


6. Drink Water

How to stay healthy over Christmas

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Water plays a major role in the digestion process and prevents a possible hangover if you overdose on alcohol.

A word of caution: Protecting all your festive food is as important as preparing it. Make sure to take the necessary steps to preserve the food once prepared. Left in the open, they could get infected by bacteria or other microorganisms, leaving way for food poisoning.



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