How to Solve Relationship Problems?

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Every relationship goes through different phases. Not all times are good, a relationship goes through several challenges. If you think your relationship is in bad shape right now, do not lose hope. A good relationship is one that survives all such hardships. You will have to develop essential skills and take necessary actions to make sure your relationship is healthy.

Today we are here to discuss a few techniques that can give you the strength to hold on to a relationship even when things are not in great shape.



1.Talk it out.


Make sure you communicate with each other. It is specifically essential to talk a lot when you are going through a struggle. By taking to each other, you get to opportunity to understand each other as individuals rather than arguing.

2. Don’t argue over the phone



Let it be a discussion or an argument, it is always better to meet each other and do it face to face. Looking and each other and while you talk and understanding their facial expressions better will always help you understand each other better. This will leave no room for misunderstanding and solve the issues.

3.Prioritize your Relationship


Being in a relationship is like taking care of a plant. You have to make sure you provide enough nourishment for the plant to grow. Make sure you invest enough time and put in a lot of effort to keep in touch. Make sure to hold your relationship as one of your topmost priorities. Do not hesitate to invest time and energy towards your partner.

4.Ask Your Partner to Share


Make sure your partner is ready to share information and feelings voluntarily. It should not be by force. If they are not comfortable, give them time and space. But let them know you are there whenever they are ready.

5.Respect Your Partner


Always remember your partner is special and there were a lot of moments and attributes you admired together. Keep reminding yourself that you decided to pursue this person because of who they are. Remember to respect their choices and decisions.

6.Don’t Play the Blame Game


This is a never-ending game that never comes up with a result as to who the winner is. Learn to let of certain of anger and certain hard feelings. Try to be the bigger person for once and this will definitely yield results. Instead of looking at who is to blame for the problem, focus on what you can do so that the problems do not occur again.

7.Accept Disappointment


As individuals, we all are different people and our interests do not have to align all the time. This will lead to disappointments when certain expectations are not fulfilled. This definitely a part of every relationship. Instead of focusing on the disappointments, choose the points which were happy surprises to you while you least expected to happen in your life.


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