How to Prevent Dull Skin

How to Prevent Dull Skin

Dull skin can take a toll on your appearance and make you look tired, though you are well rested and ready for the day. Your skin might end up having a layer of dead cells resulting in not reflecting light like a healthy skin would and gives out a dull appearance.

Here are a few tips that might help you keep your skin healthy in the long-run.



1.Stop using hot water

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A hot shower might give you the satisfaction of taking up a sauna appointment. But hot showers on a regular basis are not good for your skin. Using hot water to wash yourself every day might lead to your skin becoming dull and lifeless. If you are not able to stop using hot water at least make sure you reduce the temperature.


2.Limit using many cosmetics on your skin

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Once you start using a specific cosmetic product, it might take you a few weeks to see the results. Switching from one product to another because you did not see results is not the answer. Keep using one product on a regular basis and give it the time necessary to work its magic on you. Also be cautious while choosing the product to make sure you select the right product for your skin tone and it does not cause any side effects on your skin.




3.Avoid alcohol and smoking

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Alcohol consumption results in the dehydration for your skin and makes it look dull. Try to reduce your alcohol consumption; it is advisable to put a full stop to liquor as a whole. Quit smoking at all costs. Skin damage is one of the many health concerns smoking brings into your life.


4.Limit excessive sugar intake

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Excessive sugar intake can come in the way of maintaining healthy skin. Too much sugar can render inactive the collagens in your skin which are responsible for maintaining your skin elasticity. Make sure you follow a diet rich in vitamin C, omega-3 fat and antioxidants.




5.Physical activity

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A proper workout session has several benefits including healthy skin maintenance. Proper exercise can regulate your blood circulation to the optimum level. Adequate blood circulation helps in keeping your skin shiny. A good workout leads to a lot of sweating; sweating eliminates the unwanted toxins from your body.


6.Always use sunscreen

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Using sunscreen is not only necessary in summer but also winter as well. Apply the cream in all the exposed areas of your body like your face, neck, hands and feet to protect them from the exposure.


7. Consult dermatologist

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It does not have to be as frequent as you consult a dentist, but it is necessary that you ask a dermatologist on a regular basis as well. Professional advice can help you even if you do not suffer from minor skin problems like acne. You might also be surprised at times; professionals can find damages to your skin that are normally not visible to the naked eye.



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