How to Never Be In Monkeypox’s Catch!

How to Never Be In Monkeypox’s Catch!

Okay, with too much going on around us, we are left confused about a lot too. One sure thing that must be bothering us all after the recent ‘monkeypox – the pandemic’ announcement is; how to let it not strike us. Well, this blog will let us learn the basics to beware and not let the monkeypox dare to cause a scare.

1) Hey There, Pet Parents!


Many of us reading this blog must love pets; I do too by the way. We, pet lovers, are the crowd of most interest to this animal named virus. As the source of spread is via animals, the first victims could easily be us, in just a wink before we doublethink. To never let this happen, pet parents, I would want you not to be a little too clingy with your pet if you find them falling sick. Of course, you need to care for them but get set to it with a shield.

2) Hygiene Check!


We have been getting this for almost three years now; yet again, just to remind you, please keep your hygiene game on sharp point! A clear hygiene check is so important to fight any previously leftover or the coming-up viral wave. Check your sleep mat each day, each time before you hit the bed. Make sure you have a hand wash and sanitizer always on hand. By doing all this, together we stand to put this pandemic to an end.

3) Cook Time Be on Point!


Always cook in suffice; cook till well done. For all the meat-eaters, this virus can get to you through food; mind you, such a sneaky one this virus is! So, take time to cook the meat you eat. Set the heat well enough to brush off the virus from it. I hope we all get the virus out before we eat.

4) Sex With Due Safety!


Protection, in general, is always the neccess for safe sex. With this virus going around, it is twice as important as it has been before. So, stock up on protection to never let this pox ruin your affection!

5) Mask-up Yet Again?


This question with a frown has been out there since the new pandemic declare. People have been querying the higher-ups with – yet again? Constantly. I understand the pressure, but it is all for our good. Masking up for a little more time will let us not get into another series of waves of this new pandemic. So, let us take masking up seriously till this virus leaves us for good once and for all!


If you have not been a part of all these needs yet, this time, I request you to be with us all in this. Let us protect ourselves and protect the world and the millions around us!

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