How to Look Younger?

How to Look Younger?

Aging is a natural process, and every being on this planet ages. We all know that age is just a number, and your actual age is dependent on how healthy you are, what you do, and how you think. The way you look and carry yourself also plays a part. Everyone wishes to have healthy and younger-looking skin, and it is totally fine. Sometimes factors like sun, wrong skin routine or unhealthy foods make you look aged too early. Do not worry; here are some healthy habits, tips, and tricks from skin experts to give you a youthful appearance regardless of your age.



1. Choose Greens


If you have probably excluded or kept kale or spinach aside due to their green taste, it is high time you start including them regularly from today. Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage, microgreens, etc., have a high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value. To make it simple, foods with a high ORAC value prevent and protect our skin cells from oxidative damage responsible for aging. Including such foods regularly in your diet slows your aging process giving your skin a healthy young look.

2. Say No to Excess Sugar and Salt


Did you know that consuming foods with excessive amounts of sugar and salt hastens your skin’s aging? Too much sugar and salt intake indeed increase the inflammation in your body. This inflammation leads to the breakdown of the collagen in your skin, inviting wrinkles much earlier. It makes your skin sag. Studies have found that people with high blood sugar levels and those consuming excess salt looked older than they were. So if you have a sweet tooth or prefer having your fries with extra salt, now you know why you should cut down on them.

3. Cleanse and Moisturize Your Skin


For healthy-looking skin, consider starting and ending your day with two essential skincare steps. Cleansers and moisturizers protect your skin and prevent them from drying out. There are a wide range of cleansers and moisturizers to choose from. Talk with your dermatologist to find which products suit your skin the best. Also, if you are someone who uses soap for your face, please stop using them now. They dry out your skin.

4. Wear Sunscreen Every Day


Whether indoors or outdoors, it rains or snows, or while wearing fully covered clothes, ensure that you are wearing sunscreen first. Sun plays an important role in damaging the skin, be it wrinkles, pigmentation, rash, or even cancer. Sun does no good to your skin. So add sunscreen to your skin routine with an SPF of at least 30.

5. Consume Fruits


Prunes, strawberries, grapes, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, raisins, plums, cherries, kiwi, etc., are good for your skin. They have antioxidant properties and reduce the pace of aging. They also benefit your health by decelerating your whole body’s aging process and prevent age-related conditions like memory loss.

6. Exercise Regularly


Regularly indulging in some form of exercise maintains your mind, body, and skin health. It can be cardiovascular, resistance, stretching exercises, or any sporting activities. Studies suggest that the more you exercise, the slower you age. It helps you sleep better. You naturally glow when you have a good sleep.


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