How to Increase Employee Productivity

How to Increase Employee Productivity

How to increase the productivity of employees through taking care of their health?

The growing trend of providing for employees beyond monetary benefits is steadily catching up. Employees of all cadres expect a certain level of fiscal/health benefits that falls directly under the scope of the organization. Understanding the need of the employees, organizations have started to chart plans that help with this new-age necessity.

The reason behind the acceptance of this requirement by companies is the fact that the perception of employees has changed over the last few years. Management of organizations has begun to understand the importance of creating an environment that is fruitful both to them and the workforce. Providing for amenities beyond financial needs has a positive impact, thus creating higher efficiency and productivity.

What can be done to increase efficiency within the organization through healthcare benefits?

1. Organize walkathon to improve zeal and social responsibility

Exercise and excitement go hand in hand. People who exercise secrete happy hormones, thus improving their mood and motivates them to perform well. It also reflects on the company’s social responsibilities, making employees feel part of a social cause. Companies organizing such walkathons help employees feel involuntarily contented that reflects in their performance.

2. Set up medical camps/lectures to raise awareness

Organizations showing care through means of camps and other medical conferences create psychological satisfaction due to the attention given. Medical camps both online and offline can become a way of getting a second opinion for those who could not afford to make a doctor’s appointment. This feeling of comfort and safety allows them to concentrate on their work thus improving productivity.

3. Send reminder emails for medical checkups and insurance coverage

Amidst all the work pressure and tension, there may be times when gentle reminders can help their healthcare requirements. Sending emails mentioning the insurance premium payment date, or medical checkup due to date gives the impression of being comforted which helps their performance. Topics related to health recommendations could also be part of company emails to stress the importance of health.

4. Easy medical leave procedures

One of the hardest processes in an organization is the sanction and closure of medical leave. Submission of reports and recommendations and verification of the same can be tiring. Also, employees cannot apply for medical leave without substantial reason. Changing the policy within the organization allows them to perceive that the company cares for them, thus increasing morale for the enterprise.

5. 24-hour healthcare assistance through online portals

The easiest way to care for your employees’ health is by providing health care facilities in the organization. While it might be impossible to provide best facility and doctors round the clock, technology has paved the way to online healthcare portals to digitally replace hospital for providing a medical opinion. Online providers like iCliniq have improved the health care facilities within the organization. With these portals, employees can quickly gain access to the best medical practitioners who can diagnose effortlessly and share the medical recommendations. This, in turn, boosts morale improving the performance of the company.

Morale boost and motivation are two high points that overpower the monetary benefits given by organizations. These help in performance as employees have a greater sense of belonging to the company. With the new-age technology, online medical portals including iCliniq have eased the process of providing health assistance by providing medical assistance and even medical second opinion to anyone anywhere. With these portals, companies can easily relish the power of technology for the betterment of the enterprise.

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