How To Ease Body Aches and Pain?

How To Ease Body Aches and Pain?

Body pain has no voice, but when it lasts, it finds a voice. Body pain implies some kind of discomfort. Even though pain remains universal, there are many challenges in easing body pain, as pain is different in different locations. It may even exist without an apparent underlying cause. Here is some information about how to ease the common body aches and pain.


1) Back Pain


As most people enter middle age, they experience bouts of back pain. About 80% of people experience back pain at some point in time, and the following are a few ways to find some relief.
a) Sleep in a Proper Position – Poor sleep position can aggravate your back pain. Try lying on your side.
b) Proper Posture – Poor posture can worsen your back pain.
c) Limit Bed Rest – Though bed rest can be useful, doctors recommend to keep moving so that your muscles do not become stiff.
d) Exercise – Exercises can help build strong and flexible muscles, which are less prone to injury. Talk to your doctor and work on an exercise schedule.

2) Leg Pain


You can ease your leg pain at home if it is due to cramps or any minor injury or overuse.
a) Rest your legs and try to elevate your legs with pillows.
b) Wear compression socks or stockings.
c) Apply ice to the affected area.
d) Take a warm bath and stretch.
e) Take over-the-counter painkillers.
You need to see the doctor if your pain is not relieved in a couple of days.

3) Shoulder Pain


Our shoulders have a wide range of motion. So shoulder pain can cause severe pain and discomfort. You need to consult your doctor to get your shoulder pain treated. However, you can try these home remedies if it is minor shoulder pain.
a) Rest your shoulder and avoid any movements that can cause pain.
b) You can ice the shoulder for 15-20 minutes, three to four times a day. Wrap ice on a piece of cloth or towel and place it over the affected area.
c) Limit overhead activities.
d) You can take over-the-counter pain medication.

4) Neck Pain


Most people experience neck pain because of poor posture and muscle strain. These home remedies can help ease your neck pain.
a) Exercise your neck slowly every day. Stretch your head in side-to-side and up-down motions.
b) Avoid cradling your phone for hours between your neck and your head.
c) Use a neck pillow while sleeping.
d) Do not use a neck collar without consulting a doctor first. They can make your symptoms worse.
e) Apply ice in the initial few days and later take hot showers or apply heat compress.

Poor posture is the main culprit for most body pains. So try to correct your posture and consult a doctor online for exercises that can help relieve the pain.


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