How to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

How to Break Your Smartphone Addiction


The problem with smart-phone addiction is that most of us are already aware of the fact that we are addicted to it. What we forget to understand is that over-emphasis on the digital world will reduce the real life skills that everyone is supposed to have.

There is always a time when you have to use a smart-phone for something specific and a time when you use your smart-phone when you are not sure what to do. The later is dangerous. It is time to take control of the devices we are letting control us instead.

Help yourselves battle smart-phone addiction with these tips:

Urgent Calls Only: Make it a point not to use your phone while people are around, specifically when you are around your loved ones. It is better to drop it in silent mode and check occasionally for important notifications.


Please Don’t: Your restroom is a place for a particular and essential task. Do not take your smart-phone with you to the restroom.


Don’t Combine: Avoid any kind of contact with your smart-phone while driving. It is better to leave it in the glove compartment.


See The Real World: In your free time; take long walks, leave your digital world aside and try to enjoy the pleasures of the reality. The real world might have a little less to offer in terms of variety when considered to the digital world. The fact that it is tangible and out of our control is what matters. 


Real Face: Have real conversations with people rather than texting. You will be at least twice as satisfied to see a genuine smile rather than an Emoji or a LOL.


Get Help: Though not yet widely recognized, this is becoming a problem a lot of us suffer from irrespective of age. There are doctors and specialized treatment centers focusing on smart-phone addiction. It is never too late to realize you need help. Talk to a psychiatrist now.




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