How to Avoid Becoming Overweight?

How to Avoid Becoming Overweight?
Anti Obesity Day – 2016
How to Avoid Becoming Overweight?


1. Take a mixture of honey & warm water in an empty stomach everyday morning.

2. Apple cider vinegar helps to burn fat in the body. A tea spoon a day before bed would suffice.

3. Spices reduce body fat naturally. They also go well with tea.

4. Substitute junk food with fruits when hungry. Make sure at-least half the portion of your food comprises of vegetables.

 5. People who skip meals(Breakfast especially) tend to put on weight quickly.

 6. Physical workout is always key in loosing weight. Make sure you workout at-lease 30 to 45 minutes a day 5 days in a week.

7. Keeping your body hydrated is important. Hot water plays a major role in burning unwanted calories.



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