How To Avoid Becoming Dehydrated

How To Avoid Becoming Dehydrated

Staying hydrated does not only mean drinking a lot of water. It involves a lot more than that. Here are a few simple tips which can help people of all ages stay hydrated.



1.Get Enough Fluids


Consume a lot of fluids including water while you are working. It is not necessary to wait to drink water until you are thirsty. Make sure you sip a bit of water now and then. While you are looking at other fluids, go for natural fruit juices. Make it a point to consume them without additional sugar.


2.Avoid Caffeinated Drinks


Avoid the intake of caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages. They are diuretic in nature and can result in severe dehydration. If you feel you are constantly dehydrated and consume diuretic medication like Lasix for other medical reasons, you might need to speak to your doctor.


3.Health Drinks


Make it a point to add in your diet drinks and even food that is rich in potassium and sodium. Potassium and sodium are very much necessary to maintain the electrolyte balance in your body.




4. Avoid Direct Sunlight


Make sure to keep your house as cool as possible. Keep your curtains closed to avoid too much direct sunlight.



5.Healthy Diet


Make sure your food habits are in check and you consume a well balanced and healthy diet. Make it a point to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet to help in the smooth flow of your digestion system and also maintain healthy water content in your body.


6.Avoid Too Much Exposure


Make sure to plan your day in such a way to avoid too much exposure to direct and heavy sunlight. Very high temperature during the day simply implies that there is too much UV radiation in the sunlight.


7.Cotton Clothing


Make sure to dress light and right. Go for loose cotton clothes. Follow a light colored clothing pattern as dark colors absorb sunlight too much.

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