How to Avoid Back Pain While Working From Home?

How to Avoid Back Pain While Working From Home?

The new normal for most of us in this pandemic is working from home. You might be sitting in front of computers or laptops for longer hours. Did you know that this could take a toll on your back? Working for long hours in a crooked posture will hurt your back, which will make your work from home experience worse. If you are worried that this may affect your efficiency, productivity, and health, consider checking out the following tips to prevent back pain. This may be of help to you.


1) Adjust Your Workstation


Not having a proper work setup can affect your posture provoking back and neck pain. Try keeping your monitors at eye level so that you can look at them straight. You can pile it up with books or a cushion. Also, while viewing your mobiles, make sure you do not bend your neck down; instead, you can raise your mobile in front of your face and check.

2) Maintain a Good Posture


Leaning or bending forward and hunching while in front of the screen affects your back. For this, you can try using a chair with adequate back support. Ensure that you are sitting at the back most end of the chair and your back is supported and upright. You can also add a pillow or cushion behind your back to support the lower back. Try to be as close as possible to your work desk. This reduces your need to bend forward or extend your hands to operate. Keeping your hands on the side of your body while typing or using the mouse lessens strain on your neck and shoulders.

3) Reward Yourself With Small Breaks


Though you may be maintaining a good posture, being in a single position for extended hours can put a strain on your back and neck. You can reward your body with regular small breaks every 30 or 60 minutes. Take a walk within the house, look out through the window, drink some water, fill your water bottle, grab a snack, water your plants or anything of that sort. This not only provides your muscles with some needed stretches, but it also gives a break to your eyes from the continuous screen time.

4) Ensure 30 Minutes of Physical Activity


Your back badly needs you to be physically active. Sitting for prolonged hours without any movement is not good for your spine. Make time for some physical activity. You can walk, cycle, swim, do yoga, or do any exercise at least 30 minutes a day after your work hours to maintain back health.

5) Support Your Feet


Letting your feet or legs hang down free in the air or sitting with crossed legs on the chair or bed definitely hurts your back by compromising your posture. Instead, you can make sure that your leg is resting on the floor while being seated. If not, you can add a footstool or cardboard, or cushion to support your feet.

Though not all are equipped with ergonomic chairs and work setups similar to office environments and are using beds, sofas, and resting chairs to work, making slight adjustments by following these tips can positively impact your back.


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