How Negative Emotions Affect Us?

How Negative Emotions Affect Us?

As a human everyone has negative emotions now and then. This is a natural process in everyday life. However smart or successful you are there is no scenario where you can always be happy. Let us have a look at a few negative emotions we have and the reasons behind such emotions.




This is the most common negative emotion everybody comes across. This is usually an aggressive stance where we are sure that our perspective is perfect and whatever others have to say against it is wrong. Getting angry is something normal, but if you have a feeling that you are getting angry too much you might need to analyze the situation and look at positive strategies to get your way.




This can be considered a weak form of anger. This is a situation where the behavior of a specific person provokes you and you are not able to stand the situation. This usually happens when you are dealing with a person with whom you do not have a lot of similar tastes. Annoyance can come in to play when you are not able to accept differences in individuals you deal with.




This is one of the basic emotions for all of us. Fear is the primary reason which determines a lot of decisions in our lives. Fear usually triggers a lot of other emotions as a response. It can be a warning sign for unexpected situations, failures or obstacles. Fear should not be thought of as something that displays weakness. Fear is what gets you ready for the actual situation with the right emotion. Analyzing the reason for your fear and acting upon the source is what is expected from us.




Sadness is an expression that portrays dissatisfaction upon one’s self and their achievements. Sadness gives you the feeling that something is absent while you are trying to achieve happiness. Sadness gets in the way of your other emotions and does not let you enjoy the good things in life. It is up to our will to grow beyond that and keep pushing.




Apathy is a way of expressing protest passive aggressively. If you have a disagreement with someone or a group of people and you are not in a position to discuss that openly, you start developing apathy towards them. It can be considered a silent rebellion within yourself against someone or something.


6.Disappointment and Frustration


Disappointment and frustration are the results of unsatisfied expectations. Disappointment can also arise while other peoples actions do not meet your expectation.

Calm your mind and body: Keeping all your emotions in check and at balance is necessary to make stable decisions. Practicing yoga, listening to music and practicing meditation regularly can help you achieve this. you can also consult a physician if you feel that you need expert help.

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