How Is Telemedicine Helping Hospitals During This Pandemic?

How Is Telemedicine Helping Hospitals During This Pandemic?

Virtual or online care for screening and treating COVID-19 patients has tremendously helped the healthcare system. Teleconsultation facilitates routine visits during quarantine, which would have been otherwise risky for both the doctor and the patient. With COVID-19 spreading rapidly, physicians are leaning towards telehealth to prevent the spread of this deadly virus to the patients and hospital staff. Most hospitals and clinics are now offering teleconsultation, as most governments around the globe have made it legal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is currently being considered the “new normal” in healthcare.

Why Is Telemedicine the Need of the Hour for COVID-19 Pandemic?
The following are some crucial things that make telehealth and teleconsultation more critical now than ever:

1. Relieves the Burden on the Healthcare System – Our hospitals and healthcare system are overburdened and reached their breaking point due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Doctors are now urging nonsymptomatic COVID-19 patients to remain home and under self-isolation. Telemedicine can help monitor such patients regularly and with ease.

2. Protects Physicians, Staff, and Patients – With the risk of infection high in a hospital setting, primary physicians and clinicians are helping as many patients as possible using telehealth as a replacement for in-office visits. More and more patients are also opting for online consultations over in-person consultations. This has reduced the spread of the new coronavirus from patients to the healthcare workers and vice versa.

3. Saves Travel Time for Radiologists and Other Specialists – Radiologists can read and interpret radiographs from anywhere with the help of digital technologies. This also saves travel time and money, as specialists often tend to go for consultations in various hospitals and clinics in a single day. Specialists can also help overseas and rural patients without the need to go anywhere.

4. Convenience for Senior Living Communities Access Healthcare – Older adults and people who live in nursing homes depend on others to take them to their doctor’s appointments. Telemedicine is a convenient alternative for such patients, and it improves care and disease management. Senior citizens are at high risk for developing severe complications if infected with the new coronavirus. Teleconsultation considerably reduces hospitalization rates for infected adults.

5. Conserves Supplies and Frees up Bed Space – Telemedicine has helped doctors triage infected patients and reduce demand for hospital beds to monitor low-risk patients at home. This also reduces the need for personal protective kits.

6. Promotes Mental Health – There is a dramatic increase in stress and anxiety cases because of this pandemic. Most psychiatrists and psychological counselors are consulting patients through video or audio calls.

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