How Binge-Watching TV Affects Your Health

How Binge-Watching TV Affects Your Health

The concept of Watching TV going hand in hand with health deterioration has been known widely. What we are trying to bring to your attention are the specific areas where they cause the most damage. When we say TV, we mean all sources of audio visual media.


Disturbance in sleep patterns: Melatonin is a toxin produced by your brain to promote sleep. The light and sound from your TV tries to keep your mind active. This affects your brain’s melatonin production. The entire process causes a disturbance in your body’s circadian rhythm.



Higher risk of becoming obese: Your body is by nature at a state of rest while watching TV. When your activity level reduces, it results in slowing down your body’s metabolism. Hence the unused carbs in your body end up being stored as fat.



Risk of developing attention deficit disorder: TV at times can be connected to neurological disorders developing at a young age. The erratically changing light pattern and constant high pitch sound does much harm in the long run. Children lose their capacity to focus on normal and regular activities.

deficit disorder


Greater strain on the eyes: This is a pretty well-known fact which needs no actual explanation. Try to take a few preventive measures like never watching TV in dark light and maintaining a safe distance from the screen. If you work on a PC as a profession, make sure you take frequent brakes and look at natural light.

eye strain


Development of aggressive behavior: Exposing your children to television at a young age creates a change in their perspective of life. They end up following the extreme life of characters pasteurized in TV shows. They also expect an unnatural and aggressive lifestyle.

aggressive behavior


Decreased social interaction: Audio visual media has decreased the time that both adults and children spend in the real world. This creates a lag in their social skills. They are not aware of genuine expressions and end up having unresolved feelings or thoughts.

Decreased social interaction


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