How Are Online Consultations Helping Patients Worldwide

How Are Online Consultations Helping Patients Worldwide

Telemedicine refers to caring for patients remotely when providers and patients are not physically present amidst each other. Modern technology has allowed doctors to consult patients by applying HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing tools. It is an easy-to-use and robust telemedicine software. Telemedicine uses technology to give care from a distance. A doctor in one locality uses telemedicine platforms to render care to a patient at a distant site. Telemedicine is used and trusted by many globally, where the telemedicine team protects their identity from being viewed by anyone.

Advantages of Telemedicine:

  • You could reach the doctor online if you are not able to consult the doctor in-person.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Telemedicine is beneficial in this COVID-19 pandemic condition where in-person consultation with the doctor is not advisable.
  • The doctor can see the patient, their condition, how they cough, how they walk, sit, respond, etc.
  • Patients living in remote areas are more benefited from telemedicine.
  • It can save them traveling and waiting time in the hospital.
  • Older adults and people unable to visit the doctor in-person can use this telemedicine directly from their homes.


iCliniq is a global telemedicine platform that ranks third in the field of telemedicine. There are several specialties where you can choose according to your concerns. In iCliniq, there are more than 3500+ doctors (from around the world) and more than 80+ specialties. Here you can consult the doctor online with new symptoms or complaints or ask for a second opinion. You can send the query as a direct query, general query, or a follow-up query, consult the doctor through phone, or a video call. The patients can even choose a 50 hours chat and send a query to the doctor of their concern. The first general query that the patient posts on the site is FREE!


Types of Teleconsultation:

1. Written Messages: There are three types of the queries such as:

  • Direct query, where the patient can choose the doctor independently and follow-up with the same doctor.
  • In a general query, you can generally post a query on the site, and a doctor available in that specialty will answer the query.
  • Follow-up query, where after the doctor answers the query, you can ask the doubt and clarify it with the same doctor.

2. Consulting through the phone: In phone consultation, there is direct booking and common booking, where you can book the appointment with a particular doctor, or you can book it generally.

3. Consulting through video: In video consultation, there is direct booking with the doctor or the common booking on the site.

Doctors or hospitals can register for our telemedicine software, “iCliniq Connect,” which is absolutely FREE for up to five practitioners. You can upload e-prescriptions, chat with your patients, consult them over the video, and access all this through your smartphone!

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