Home Remedies to Control Diabetes

Home Remedies to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder that can be kept in check by following simple lifestyle changes at home. There are several remedies which can be implemented in your home itself.

Here are a few of those remedies that can help keep blood sugar levels at the right stable level.

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1.Green tea


Being unfermented green tea is rich in polyphenol which has strong hypoglycemic and antioxidant content. The polyphenol helps your system in the controlled release of glucose in your blood.


2.Cinnamon water


Cinnamon is an easy and effective home remedy for treating diabetes. Boil the cinnamon in hot water and let it soak for some time. Drinking the water will fasten your metabolism. It also helps the insulin sensitivity in your blood.

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Pulses are an excellent source for protein and carbs. But the carbs in pulses do not affect your blood in the same way other carbs do. Pulse can be considered as an important part of the diet of people who have diabetes.


4.Omega 3 fatty acid


Your body requires a certain amount of saturated fats to continue working. But saturated fat is not good for people who have diabetes. Omega 3 fatty acids are very rich in monosaturated fat which can be a viable replacement.

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5.Small frequent meals


Having three large meals together can spike your blood sugar level. Diabetic patients can come into the habit of having small meals at regular intervals to keep the blood sugar levels in check.


6.High fiber vegetables


Fiber can help in regulating blood sugar level and also make you feel full soon while you are consuming. Diabetic people are more prone to developing heart disease as well. Fiber helps reduce your cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease. Leafy vegetables, broccoli, peas, beans and spinach are some examples of high fiber vegetables.

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