Hold On, This Shall Too Pass

Hold On, This Shall Too Pass

With the holiday season nearing, do you feel a bit awry or disturbed? Are you loaded with turmoil and despair, and is ‘suicide’ or ‘self-harm’ one of your far-stretched solutions for all the grief? If you have been having occasional, frequent, or random thoughts about suicide or self-harm, then this is a safe space, and it is for you. You need to hold your horses and stop feeding such thoughts because nothing has the ability to wipe the smile off your face quite like the mention of suicide. Instead of farming yourself, you could do the following things:

1. Small Wins Are Big Wins


The road will be full of ups and downs, but accepting that you need help and understanding that suicide is not a solution to your problems is a massive step in the right direction. It might seem like a small win, but you must give much more credit. Acceptance makes you more vigilant of your thoughts and actions, preventing you from taking steps that can cause immense pain to you and your loved ones.

2. Two Heads Are Better Than One


In times of such morbid thoughts, reaching out to a support system is essential. Put in that extra effort and reach out to your family, friends, or anyone you feel comfortable with. Voice out your problems, fears, and delusions with them, and you will feel much better. If friends and family are not an option, then seek help from support groups. The currency of building a good support system is not greed, but tender love, affection, and generosity.

3. Dump the Pin Hole Camera, and Opt for a Bigger Lens


You need to pause and unwind when everything feels like crumbling down with a bleak endless view. Let go of the train of painful and soul-crushing thoughts and take the back seat. Instead of counting your troubles, start counting your blessings. Once you start adopting this practice and follow it wholeheartedly, you begin to lose sight of things that you might lack. It might seem like a tedious task at first, but it has so much power in it, almost magical!

4. Do Not Underestimate the Power of Professional Help


Seeking help of any sort does not make you weak. In such times of despair, a therapist can do wonders for you. But wait, you must be thinking – ‘why should I go to a therapist when I have my family and friends with me?’ And that is a very valid and obvious question, but we fail to understand that our loved ones can only do so much for us. But a professional, say a therapist, for example, helps us identify the triggers and helps us work on them. You might be afraid that you might scratch a few wounds and a lot of despair shall float to the surface, but it is a process, a slow, rocky, and fruitful one.

5. Do Not Dilly Dally, and Repaint the Entire Canvas!


Easier said than done; along with therapy, try to engage yourself in meaningful activities and develop healthier ways to deal with the turmoil. You could indulge in painting, pottery, reading, baking, or almost anything that makes your soul happy and flutter like a butterfly! Getting involved in different activities helps by keeping yourself busy and disengaging from all the awry and distressing thoughts.


It is essential to understand that life is like a big giant wheel. Some parts of the journey are fun and exhilarating, while others might be full of anxiety, doubts, and fears. But it is vital to choose to be strong and overcome fear at every step of your life. Similar to the fact that you do not stay at the top of the giant wheel for long, the good and joyous part of the journey in our life comes only when we choose to be strong and let go of our fears.

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