Hemophilia - Not as Scary as You Think!

Hemophilia - Not as Scary as You Think!

Hemophilia? Is it where you bleed non-stop? This is the description most people have for hemophilia because spotting someone with it is relatively rare, unlike a diabetic or hypertensive victim. Knowing this condition itself is rare, how could there be a clue on what to do when reported to have this disease? Lack of information has led to labeling it a touch-me-not disease. Here is a guide to adding facts and erasing myths on this no-clot blood disease.

1. What Is What?

Other than just being a circulating red fluid; the components in our blood are vast. One of which is the clotting factor responsible for stopping it when you have bled enough. When these clotting factors fail to meet their requirements, you get reports stating – you are hemophiliac! Also, when pricked, bleeding goes through numerous clock ticks than normal.

2. Is There a Cure Yet?

Some believe that you free yourself from this disease with age, which is a mere myth. A cure for this disease has not hit the hospitals as of now, which makes a permanent cure far from attainable. Does that mean there is no cure yet? Not at all! Ways to tackle a bleeding episode exist, which help set a stop to the bleeding, but temporarily.


3. Run Away From Blood Thinners

Blood thinners; self-explanatory, right? These are medications that thin down blood flow. A hemophiliac should never take a jab or throw in a pill labeled blood thinners as this can create the worst scenarios, which can shock you like ever before and never after. It is never advisable taking this risk; make sure you update this first thing when going through a doctor consultation.


4. Little Care No Scare

If you have a hemophiliac kid or a hemophiliac, one thing you could do to help your kid or yourself is to care more than you usually would. Make sure not to let bleed causers hit you. If there is no possibility of a bleed itself, where is the problem in bleeding longer? A little caution is the only need of the hour in hemophiliacs.

5. Is Pregnancy Not an Option?


Complications are obviously a possibility, but many mothers around the globe have delivered safely without suffering a blood pool. So, knocking on the hospital doors when in doubt, not failing any doctor appointments, and a tad more care is the itinerary if you are a pregnant hemophiliac.

The hardest part of this disease is finding a stop. Though it is never easy to stop a start, try not to start a bleed not to suffer stopping it. Confusing? Taking caution never to start a bleed is what I mean to say.


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