Healthify Your Body - Food Tips!

Healthify Your Body - Food Tips!

We come across the saying, ‘You are what you eat’ several times that we cannot keep a track of. The choice of the food we eat determines one’s health. Implementing a balanced diet in life shall help keep you off from a bunch of diseases. Obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases can be put at bay just by having a clean balanced diet; also a plus one to these benefits is, strengthening your immune system. This blog shall be a guide to having a balanced diet.

1. Calories – Never a Lot Not the Least


Calories are an investment one must make to achieve the necessary energy for functioning. Our body consumes calories to think, breathe, walk, and access other bodily functions. The daily average calorie requirement in women is 2,000, whereas for men it is 2,500 calories. Taking in calories in suffice is the preliminary step to having a balanced diet. Factors like age, sex, and the level of physical activity also decide how many calories you require.

2. Clock Your Meals


Healthy eating is not just eating clean, but eating right; by never skipping meals, maintaining a needed food window between meals, and aiding the body attain all the nutrients put in. The body’s demanded eating is thrice a day with the quantity shrinking as the day sets. Of the three meals, breakfast tops the lane – necessity and quantity-wise; so, skipping which, is a strict no. Make the meals moderate for lunch and lite for dinner. While eating, figure out your limits and do rough math of the right portion pertaining to your body weight.

3. Healthy Snack? Deny Not


Add-on meals other than the three basics, aka snacking, is a requirement too. Do justice to the other healthy meals by munching on only a healthy snack. Just the right portion at the right time works fair enough to snack.

4. Artistic Plating


Adding variety and color to the bland meal amps up the appetite to the requisite. Portion your plate with fruits and vegetables in a half, whole grains such as whole wheat, brown rice, quinoa, and oats in a quarter, and proteins such as beans, fish, poultry, and meat in the endmost quarter. Limit red and processed meat to a minimum for a healthy balance.

5. Unlearn the Usual Cooking


Daily nutrients, hassle-free cooking, taste approval; can this checklist be obtained through healthy cooking? Well, why not? Minor switchings can make both your body and your taste bud happy. Let us learn a few cooking staples that need a switch: regular cooking oils to vegetable-based oils, deep frying to air frying, refined flour to whole wheat, also, flavored yogurts? Nah – adding fruit gives the flavor naturally, so what is the need, switch. Okay, there is more. If using steel and non-stick pans; it is time you switch to cast iron.


Unlearning a few things and adding on the other few can change your lifestyle to the healthiest it can get.

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