Hard? Yes. Impossible? No, Not at All.

Hard? Yes. Impossible? No, Not at All.

Have you ever thought about what is spreading wild in the air other than the love we all talk about? One toxic thing that keeps taking over today’s air is the stinky odor of a lighted cigarette. Yes, cigarettes are love for many. They say they cannot stay without the white fumes coming out of those stylish pipes. Though there is a good deal of lame reasons for one to start the habit of smoking, like it makes you look cool, there are a ton more reasons for one to not smoke. Smoking is one habit that is easy to start but hard to quit. The harmful side of this pleasure habit is well known but inadequate to make the smoker abandon the cigarettes. For anyone looking for an escape, instead of thinking of the negative side of smoking, try to visualize the happiness it gives on quitting. What happens to your body when you cease this deadly habit?


1. Twenty Minutes Past Your Last Puff

For the past few months or years, your body and blood have been living with the love of your life, the smoke. But, now that you have decided to give up and move on, it is never really easy. Fifteen to twenty minutes after your last smoke, the body starts showing many symptoms, but my friend, you cannot risk going back. Up first, your pulse rate and blood pressure come back to normal, and your lungs start functioning in the best way. Even then, you will feel an extreme urge to take a puff, but resistance is the key.

2. Twelve Hours Past Your Last Cigarette

You have done well so far, my friend! At this stage, the levels of carbon monoxide, a chemical that replaces oxygen from the blood while smoking, become normal, and the tissues will get bathed in the required amount of oxygen. This refreshes and rejuvenates your cells, tissues, and organs.

3. A Day After Your Last Smoke

Healing starts from day one, folks. The problems your heart encountered in the past years start resolving from this day. Since your blood vessels get more energetic to supply more oxygen and nutrients, the organs start functioning effectively. The blood nicotine levels shall also start coming down within a day without smoke.

4. It Has Been Two Weeks!

Kudos, it has been two weeks since your respiratory tubes started living pollution-free. As a reward, you will breathe effortlessly due to effective respiratory functioning. How can you assess the progress? You will feel it easier to walk or exercise, you will be able to fill the lungs to the fullest with the air, and after all, you will get a sense of fulfillment. If you made it up to two weeks, you almost achieved it, and there is no turning back.


5. A Month Without the Smoke

A month after your last cigarette, you will be more energetic physically and mentally. The obvious results appear as improved breathing and decreased respiratory ailments. Also, your fertility is improved, sinus problems go away, stress gets reduced, and your mental health is at its best.

6. One Year of Cigarette-Free Life

After a year, your health gets much better, and you can now compare your life with and without smoke. Moreover, the money you have been saving so far can now help you tick off your bucket list.

7. A Decade Past Your Last Smoke

Ten years mark the end of the smoking era. The chances of heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer have now significantly reduced. The cells which showed cancerous changes have been replaced with healthier ones. So, yay! You did it, my friend.

The benefits you will encounter after quitting smoking increase with the passing days. Thus, you and your loved ones, who would otherwise breathe in your smoke, live a longer, happier, and healthier life. Remember, now is better than never, and it is not too late.

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