Goodbye STDs

Goodbye STDs

Sexual well-being is never a talk of the town. Sexual awareness talks being confined within four walls is a taboo that needs correction. Hushed and stared at for talking it out loud is nothing new. After evolving together as a generation in copious aspects to seeing sexual diseases tenanting every nook and corner, it is high time we talk – sexual wellness without having to suffer cold feet. Here are a few tips to set your pace towards waving sexually transmitted diseases goodbye.

1. Condom – A Must-Have


Safe sex becomes meaningless without a condom. Making condoms a necessity during sex except for the ones awaiting pregnancy goes a long way in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Though condoms have their exceptions in being protective, they do what they claim in most cases. Selecting a perfectly made condom and using it the right way will keep you away from STDs. Latex condoms and a water-based lubricant is so far the best combo for safer sex.

2. Get Risky Positions off the List


Some sex positions carry a higher risk of transmitting diseases. So, do your study to be steady on what is the right position to have sex. Safe positions make a safe sex life. So, do not hesitate to practice one.

3. Wash – A Must Before Sex


Clean genitals are presumed to precurse safe sex. Though it is not medically stressed to wash genitals before sex, cleaning promotes hygienic sex. The delicate nature of these self-cleansing areas makes them highly irritable. Refrain from soaps as they could be harsh down there.

4. One Man, One Woman – A Safe Concept


Multiple hook-ups might hook a sexual disease onto you, unfortunately. So it is safe to practice the one man, one woman concept rather than taking a one-night stand. Having safe sex also demands a safe and healthy sex partner. Rather than having multiple sexual partners, stick to that one person whose company you enjoy the most.

5. Dispose Of; Never Reuse


Anything works better when new; also, the efficiency keeps decreasing with use. A condom is not an exclusion from this concept. Never use a condom twice, as repeated usage could carry and transmit specks of infection, causing a sexual disease.

6. When in Doubt – Get a Prick


When you suspect you might have a sexual disease, do not hesitate to get tested. Being and having a safe sexual partner is a must to say no to sexual diseases. Rather than worrying about it and making your sex life unpleasant, clear it out with a prick.


7. Drunk Sex – Is Never a Safe Game


Getting drunk before sex makes you regret things when you sober up. Also, intoxication could even lead to choosing a partner who might be the carrier of the sexual disease. So say no to alcohol for safe sex.

This STD awareness month let us take our first step towards making it a new normal to talk – sexual awareness in public and educate the crowd to bid adieu to STDs.


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