Get a Second Opinion Online

The diagnosis and treatment of any rare or life-threatening condition can never be straightforward. Based on the doctors’ knowledge and experience, they might suggest different treatment plans for the same condition. Some doctors are conservative with their approach, while others tend to be more aggressive. This is why in tricky health conditions, suggestions and recommendations vary from one doctor to another. Maybe the treatment plan suggested by one doctor might sound practical to you, and that indicated by another doctor might not. These are the situations that warrant a second opinion. iCliniq, an online second opinion platform, connects you to the expertise of specialists all over the world without having to travel anywhere. We give patients across the globe a secure way to connect and get medical opinions from doctors for any diagnosis.

Why Use iCliniq to Get Second Opinions?

Our doctors at iCliniq will help you make the most informed decision about your or a loved one’s health. Getting a second opinion on iCliniq will:

1. Guarantee correct diagnosis.
2. Help determine the best treatment plan for you.
3. Eliminate time and money lost due to traveling for a second opinion.

We provide a platform where patients can share their health information, medical records, and test results securely. Our doctors will give an educational second opinion regarding your diagnosis or treatment or both. You can discuss your concerns with the doctor in real-time, which allows you to ask them any additional questions during the consultation.

When Should You Get a Second Opinion?

There is no hard and fast rule about getting a second opinion. You can get as many opinions as you like, even for the flu. But, make sure you get a second opinion in the following situations.

1. Symptoms that are getting worse with the current treatment plan.
2. Diagnosis of a rare or life-threatening condition.
3. If investigations and lab tests are inconclusive.
4. In case you are about to enroll in a drug trial.
5. Inoperable cancer.
6. If surgery needs to be done.
7. If the suggested treatment plan can be fatal.
8. Expensive and invasive tests.

How to use iCliniq to Get Second Opinions?

Getting a second opinion was never this easy. All you need to do is gather all previous medical records, lab reports, and images. Visit and choose a doctor that you want to consult or a specialty, and decide if you wish to consult the doctor by posting a query, or an audio or video call. You can upload all the files and images for our doctor before the consultation, so he or she can go through them and be ready to guide you. You can fix the appointment at any time or day. You do not have to wait for your appointment for hours.

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