Foods You Should Never Reheat and Why

Foods You Should Never Reheat and Why

These seven foods, could give you food poisoning—or worse—if reheated or stored improperly.

1. Chicken:

Chicken is a protein power pack. Reheating cooked chicken in the microwave breaks its vital protein structure. This could cause indigestion & bloating.

2. Mushroom:

Reheating mushroom even at a low temperature is not okay. This might create heart issues if consumed.

3. Potato:

All essential dietary nutrients in potatoes are destroyed by reheating them. This even generates unwanted chemicals that can harm your digestion process.

4. Eggs:

Any form of eggs can turn non-edible when heated.

5. Spinach:

The vital nutrients in spinach can turn into nitrates when reheated. This can generate cancer-causing cells in your body.

6. Celery:

Reheating celery creates similar effects to reheating spinach. Make sure you finish off your day’s share then & there.

7. Beets

Reheating beets makes them carcinogenic. It also becomes inedible as their precious nutrients are killed, during the process. 


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