Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

This pandemic has been an awakening for most of us. With us battling the most deadly virus of recent times and vaccines just beginning to roll out gradually, building our immune system is the best way to stay safe. Your immune system identifies and reacts to various pathogens, even the virus that causes COVID-19. This amazing system then fights off the invading pathogens. But the thing is, immunity cannot be built in a single day. The key is to put all your efforts into eating right and staying away from foods that slowly weaken the metabolism and also immunity. Here we have listed foods that most people often eat to please their taste buds and do not realize how bad it is for their immunity and overall health.


1) Potato Chips


It might be fun to munch on a bag of potato chips while binge-watching your favorite web series. But these chips are loaded with unhealthy fats and salts, which gradually take a toll on your health. They slowly weaken your immune system and make you sick and susceptible to a lot of diseases in the future. They can also raise your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, putting you at risk for various heart diseases.

2) Coffee


Who does not love a nice cup of strong coffee in the morning to kick start the day? It is also lovely to spend time with friends while sipping coffee and is the perfect stress buster. Coffee is an inseparable part of everyone’s lives. But, excess coffee intake, more precisely caffeine, can cause bloating, abdominal discomfort, and indigestion. Also, coffee makes you dehydrated and nauseous, as it is a diuretic. All these side effects can affect the quality of life and, in turn, affect your immunity.

3) White Bread


Refined carbohydrates and processed foods like white flour and sugar increase inflammation and oxidative stress. These effects can severely affect the immune system. Eating white bread, pasta, and other foods containing refined carbohydrates results in a spike in sugar levels, which suppresses your immune system. Repeated consumption can compromise your immune system, making you prone to infections.

4) Red Meat


Red meat is very acidic in nature. Consuming beef, lamb, pork, veal, goat, etc., make your body’s pH acidic. When the body becomes acidic and the acid load is high, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, and other essential minerals become low. This adversely impacts your health. These meats are also high in omega-6 fatty acids, which the body converts to arachidonic acid, the building block for molecules that promote inflammation.

Remember to avoid these food items, and include more citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, ginger, and other healthy foods in your diet.


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